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 Review of Steel Force @ Dorney Park
0 Rating Posted by: Canobie Coaster on 8/3/2005 7:55:00 AM
Though the least favorite of the 3 hypers Ive been on to date, Steel Force still is one of my favorite coasters. Towering over Dorney, Steel Force certainly looks intimidating with its parabolic hills and steep drops. Well, it was my first hyper and needless to say I was a bit frightened at first of riding. Thankfully, I decided to give this a go and Im certainly glad I did. First and foremost, Steel Force is a capacity machine. Dorney runs 3 trains on this and each train seats 36 riders! Combine that with lightning fast loading and this coaster was a walk-on for all of my rides. The lift hill provided great views of the whole park and the first drop gave great ejector air, as did the second hill. Following that was a pretty good turnaround that had some pretty strong Gs and that was followed by a great drop of the brake run that gave really good ejector air as well. Finally, all of the return legs bunny hills gave great air as well in any seat.

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Gosquan on 8/3/2005 10:56:31 AM said:
Not that im arguing with you but if you loved Steel Force then you would be amazed with Apollos Chariot, Nitro, Millenium Force, and Magnum XL 2000. Nitro and Apollos Chariot are both great hypers that are even taller and faster. Magnum XL 2000 is a bit slower but just as good maybe even better. Millenium Force is a giga which is twice as big and a lot faster. I too love Steel Force but these IMO are better.
Canobie Coaster on 8/31/2005 5:50:13 PM said:
This is the only hyper-coaster I have ever been on, but I definitely will go on more.
fergusonat on 8/31/2005 10:33:42 PM said:
Wow, you need some Apollo in your life, because there is NO comparison. You gave Boulder Dash a 7, Wildcat a 3, and this...you give a 10?!?! Seriously man, get to Busch Gardens Williamsburg and ride Apollos Chariot
Canobie Coaster on 9/1/2005 8:35:31 AM said:
I havent ever gotten the chance to go, but I will go sometime. I really have wanted to ride a B&M hyper-coaster, because all their coasters are smooth, fun, and thrilling.
SLFAKE on 9/1/2005 9:43:42 AM said:
While Steel Force is one of my favorite coasters, this year it does seem like it could use some TLC. There are more vibrations on it than before, and it feel like the chain lift is about ready to stop when you reach the top of the lift hill. Apollos Chariot and Nitro I will admit that I would rank higher... Their layouts are a bit more interesting. Superman: The Ride of Steel at Six Flags America and Darien Lake I would rank just about equal for different reasons. For gracefulness, I would puck Steel Force. For the "Oh my God, were all gonna die!" feeling, I would pick the Supermen: Rides of Steel.

Then in western PA there is Phantoms Revenge... Impressive start, but kind of short and a very PAINFUL hop near the end (like a speed bump being taken at 70mph). Rounding out my experiences with hypers (and above), would be Magnum (reminds me a lot of Steel Force... but the transitions in the hops are not smooth... they dont feel rounded... more like inverted "V"s) followed by Mellenium Force (pardon the spelling)--- Its big, its fast, but after a certain point, the speed and height dont seem to matter... you cant comprehend it. Kind of boring really... an over hyped coaster at an overhyped park in my opinion.

Given the chance... get to BGW or SFGrAdv for Apollos Chariot or Nitro. (I cant believe I actually suggested someone go to a Six Flags park!)
fergusonat on 9/1/2005 12:48:13 PM said:
I didnt think the Phantom was painful at all...that double-dip has some of the most amazing ejector air around Steel Force seemed rough, the airtime was nearly non-existant, and it was just boring.
Canobie Coaster on 9/1/2005 5:50:03 PM said:
I rode Steel Force in July, and it was the smoothest roller coaster I had ever been on. The ride wasnt rough at all.
Hercules on 9/1/2005 7:14:47 PM said:
Wow, you come out with some of the weirdest statements ever Yoshi LOL. Anyway, the ride isnt rough, but it is a little bumpy. I guess it is personal preference. I like that kind of thing. Well, I dont mind it, because I like really smooth rides too. But anyway, the lift hill has been like that for a while now. It actually did stop at the very top last year and caused the ride to be closed for a couple of days after it took about an hour to get the people off the ride. It does get stuck about halfway up once in a while too. I would have liked to see the ride get completely painted too, instead of just half of the track.
Canobie Coaster on 9/1/2005 8:04:54 PM said:
The ride is in need of a new paint job. If you look at Hydra and Talons sleek new paint jobs, compared to Steel Forces paint job, Steel Force really needs a new paint job.
fergusonat on 9/1/2005 9:45:21 PM said:
At the bottom of every hill, a jolt went down my back...and with the seats having little padding, it made for a very uncomfortable ride. I cant believe you found Wildcat more uncomfortable than this ride, King Yoshi
Canobie Coaster on 9/2/2005 6:12:05 AM said:
I didnt get a jolt on Steel Force, and I rode it 14 times. I rode in the front and back seats, and the middle seats, and it was very smooth.
BobFunland on 9/2/2005 11:23:59 AM said:
You didnt get a jolt on Steel Force but you got more-than-enough of a jolt on Wild Cat? I found them both to have that "jolt" but neither to be unbearable. Im with Herc, your statements are a bit strange to me

"I cant believe you found Wildcat more uncomfortable than this ride, King Yoshi"

And I cant believe that you found SF to be so rough
Canobie Coaster on 9/3/2005 6:15:56 AM said:
Steel Force was very smooth. The Wildcat was very rough. I was thrown around a lot, and came off with a head-ache. I just hate rough roller coasters.
Got_it on 11/20/2006 3:10:42 PM said:
Well most are...sorry. lol.
coaster05 on 11/20/2006 10:28:38 PM said:
I am beginning to think people have way to little tolerance to rough coasters. SOB, Iron Wolf, and the now defunct Viper, Shockwave, and Whirlwind are the only ones I consider to rough. Of those the only one I never would have rode again was Viper. I just think people want every part of a ride to be smooth and it aint happening. SF seemed very smooth to me.
viking78 on 11/21/2006 3:32:08 PM said:
Dont feel you must apoligize Yoshi. I have been on Apollos Charriot and Steel Force dozens of times and Ill take SF any day of the week. (Not to take anything away from Apollo, it is a beast as well)
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