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 Review of Log Flume @ Dutch Wonderland
1 Rating Posted by: Canobie Coaster on 7/31/2005 4:42:00 PM
Double Splash Log Flume is a fun little log flume for anyone who enjoys log flumes. Located towards the right side of the park, the Double Splash Log Flume is a small Arrow log flume very low to the ground. Circled by the Sky Princess, the Double Splash Log Flume is a short log flume. Depending on how hot it is, your wait will be around 15-20 minutes on Saturdays and a walk-on any other day. With a nice station, you board one of their few brown logs. Once you are dispatched, you slowly approach the first lift hill. Its only 12ft tall and the drop isnt very steep. The splash doesnt get you that wet. My boat then slowly meandered along a course that had many figures next to it like humans, tigers, elephants, and a few more animals. One part of the ride, you travel through a black tunnel that is filled with refreshing mist. Following the black tunnel is a slow U-turn to the 25ft final drop. The lift hill is quick because of its short length and the drop is suprisingly zippy. You dont get wet and then wind back to the station. Overall, a fun log flume for the entire family that fits in well with Dutch Wonderland. I recommend this ride to anyone who enjoys log rides and to any thrill-seeker at Dutch Wonderland.
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