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 Review of Zeus Roller Coaster, The @ Mount Olympus Theme Park
0 Rating Posted by: coaster05 on 7/29/2005 12:25:00 AM
I forgot to write this in my review but it must be shared. As we are going on the second half of our ride we actually pass an employee spraying weeds on the walkway attached to the coaster. As the train came he just leaned up as close as he could get to the rail.APPEARANCE-8 Looks a little rough and definately appears older then it is but the layout at least looks like a real coaster. CAPACITY-6 One train, long course, no time though to check those restraints and youre off. When I read about someone dying here I wont even be shocked. The theming is greek myths. The Greeks invented democracy yet this place is pure anarchy. RIDE QUALITY-8 I had heard it was really rough. It had one bumpy stretch but overall it was pretty fun. FUN-8 I liked it and I hate this park so it must have been fun. RERIDE-7 If hell freezes over(or another great coaster like Hades is added) I will definately do this again. I rode Hades twice and the only thing I really regret is that I did not try this ride again. OVERALL-37 AVG-7.4 I will go 8 since I know if this ride was somewhere else it would score the 8. On a side note I am an easy going guy who isnt big on service or being stapled into coaster, however this is the least safe I have felt since my days going to the fair and this is the most unfriendly staff i have ever seen. Maybe I got like the worst day ever but for the admission price a park should really be better then this.
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