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 Review of Santas Skyway Sleigh @ Santas Village
0 Rating Posted by: Canobie Coaster on 7/27/2005 8:12:00 PM
Santas Skyway Sleigh is a wonderful monorail giving you a tour of Santas Village. Located in the very back of the park. Elevated off the ground, Santas Skyway Sleigh has a wooden station. All around Santas Village while walking up to this rides entrance, you see the white elevated track. Walking up the queue surrounded by trees, you will notice that Santas Skyway Sleigh has the longest line at Santas Village by far. Lines can be around 20-30 minutes. Ride it in the late afternoon after many children have left and you will have no wait to 10 minutes. The wait is caused by the rides large popularity and low capacity. Santas Village could use a few more sleighs and dispatch a tad quicker. Also, the sleighs only hold 3-4 people at most. Generally, there are groups of 2-3 people. You ride in sleek red sleighs with a green trim. Restrained by a lab bar, you get a wonderful view of Santas Village on this long monorail. My favorite part is when traveling over the reindeers and getting an unobstructed view of them. Throughout the ride, there arent too many rides to see because Santas Skyway Sleigh only occupies the back section of the park. Overall, a very fun, leisurely, and long monorail that shouldnt be missed. I highly recommend this ride to everyone, especially first timers to the park.
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