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 Review of Bumper Cars @ Yorks Wild Kingdom
2 Rating Posted by: Canobie Coaster on 7/27/2005 3:18:00 PM
When one talks of bumper cars, typically they are divided into two separate categories: ones with a divider and ones without a divider. Now many criticize parks that utilize dividers on their bumper cars, claiming that they significantly detract from the experience by weakening the power of the collisions and limiting the number of collisions that occur. However, I fall into the small group of people that actually prefer bumper cars with the central divider simply because of the better angles that are created to hit other cars in my opinion. And guess what? York’s utilizes the divider on their great set of bumper cars, and boy are they good.

Located amidst the park’s kiddie rides underneath some copious shade, the Bumper Cars really look great. The exterior truly captures the feel of a classic, traditional amusement park and makes the attraction look much older than it really is. Also, all of the cars seem to be maintained extremely well, as they lack any wear or tear like the cars at other parks tend to feature. My only complaint would be the pretty drab colors the park chose to paint the cars, but that’s only a minor pet-peeve.

So how are lines for this great set of bumper cars? Well, its easily one of the park’s most popular attractions and it definitely shows, as it routinely sports the longest lines of any ride in the park, at a long 5-10 minutes, which is long for this park. This can be attributed to the fact that the park doesn’t operate more than 7-8 cars on this in addition to the incredibly long cycle the park implements on this. Still, the wait is definitely worth it.

Onto the ride itself and first off I must say how wonderfully the cars run. Despite their age, the cars still run pretty darn fast and hit surprisingly hard considering that York’s is more of a family park than a teen-destination. These two factors allow for some sweet collisions during the ride. Also, the cycle is simply unbelievable, as it lasts at least 5 minutes, but I’ve gotten ones that are slightly longer if by some chance there isn’t a wait. However, the ride does have one downside in the lack of cars, which leads to collisions being somewhat challenging to get into at times.

York’s is home to a special set of bumper cars that are easily one of my favorites thanks to how well-maintained the cars are along with the incredibly long cycle of at least 5 minutes. Really the only downside is the lack of cars, which leads to a slightly less enjoyable ride due to less mayhem occurring. Still, being one of the only adult attractions featured in this small park and one of the better sets of bumper cars I’ve ever been on, this is a must for any bumper car enthusiast or theme park lover during a trip to this small family park.
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