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 Review of Zeus Roller Coaster, The @ Mount Olympus Theme Park
2 Rating Posted by: Timberman on 7/20/2005 11:17:00 PM
Zeus is like the crazy cousin that Boulder Dash always fears will show up at the family reunion but that it otherwise tries to forget exists. Dont make the same mistake. If it were a little longer and treated with a bit more TLC, Zeus would be a destination coaster in its own right. As it is, it is still worth the trip for those who pride themselves on finding the hidden gems, all the more so because it resides in the same park as the sublime Hades and the first-rate Cyclops. I found Zeus best enjoyed from the front seat, in which the airtime and speed were non-stop from station to brakes. The back seat offered less airtime, if anything, and was more physically demanding, although not unreasonably so. On an extremely hot July day, Zeus absolutely tore through the woods, skipping through the bunnyhops of the long straights that followed its hills and plunging into its diving curves with gusto. And all this with nary a trim break in sight. Some have commented on the rather lax attitude of the Mt. Olympus staff and the poor condition of its rides. If you demand the Reich-like efficiency and enforced cheeriness of the Walt Disney Corporation, then Mt. Olympuss more casual atmosphere may come as shock. For me, however, its homey feel was a welcome relief from the corporate lock-step. During my trip to the Dells, Zeus was adequately if not pristinely maintained. I considered it more dynamic than rough and attributed this to its design, not neglect. It was clearly not built to coddle, but it was in no way abusive. It does, however, have an edge that more finely-tuned terrain coasters such as Boulder Dash lack, and it offers no apologies for rocking your world. Overall, Zeus may be among the most underrated roller coasters. It more than pulls its weight in helping to make Wisconsin Dells a beacon to any wooden coaster enthusiast.
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