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 Review of Steel Force @ Dorney Park
0 Rating Posted by: benleibo on 7/15/2005 6:03:00 PM
Steel Force is by no means a bad coaster, just disappointing. This is quite possibly the most overrated coaster out there. How this thing was rated #4 in the world by the Golden Ticket awards is just beyond me. Out of all the hypers Ive ridden, SF is probably my least favorite. These first generation Morgan coasters just cannot compare to others Ive ridden like Millennium Force, Nitro, and SROS. The coaster is big at 200 and very long. There is plenty of floater air on all of the hills, especially the bunny hills after the break run. The first hill is far from intimidating though. The angle is not very steep and the tunnel at the bottom is pretty poorly done, just a steel tube. Another thing - where is the ejector air? I love the feeling of being lifted out of your seat as you hit the top of the hill, and this coaster offered none. The bottom line is that Steel Force is a solid coaster, but in my opinion it lies in the lower tier of hypercoasters. It was built in 1997 as the first hyper on the East Coast, but since has been surpassed. The big clunky Morgan trains just dont give the same ride as the sideless B+M trains or the Intamin hypers. This coaster is certainly worth riding because its a hypercoaster. Its just overrated.

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fergusonat on 7/15/2005 6:13:15 PM said:
I agree on most of your points, but I felt very very weak air if anything on only some of the hills
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