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 Review of Tommorow Land Transit Authority @ Magic Kingdom
0 Rating Posted by: Gosquan on 7/6/2005 12:49:00 PM
It was ok. Its nice if you like staring at the park, but it was just boring to me. For most people I would recommend to skip this and move on.

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mrceagle on 7/6/2005 3:44:09 PM said:
I find this attraction to be a good way to scope out tommarow land. It may be slow but still has a quick line and is really populare.
Gosquan on 7/7/2005 11:14:15 AM said:
I understand what you mean but when you get a fastpass there is so much more to do at Magic Kingdom then stare at Tommorrowland. Usually when I wait I might watch a show or go get a bite to eat. When I did this I just thought it was useless. A 6 to me is below average. Here is my scale.

10 A perfect ride with no problems at all.
9 An awesome ride with little problems.
8 A good ride.
7 Average Ride.
6 Below Average.
5 Not my type of ride.
4 I really didnt like it.
3 I hated it.
2 It was terrible.

Ok you get where im leading to.
mrceagle on 7/7/2005 4:21:32 PM said:
I get your point. Im not a snack type person so I dont go and grab a bit to eat. I rather be on rides. and When I go I skip only a few atractions. Small world for example.
mrceagle on 7/7/2005 5:47:23 PM said:
I skeep the speed way since I have a car ride at my local par(CanobieLake Park ) that has the same cars. also Astro Orbeters I skip Canobie used to have one of those as well.
vbarbieri on 7/7/2005 10:32:47 PM said:
I love this ride. You will especially appreciate it when it is 165 degrees in the shade and you need a cool dark place to relax. On those days it would get a "15"
mrceagle on 7/8/2005 4:37:39 PM said:
Somthing like that.
Danny on 7/25/2005 2:39:25 PM said:
This is a fun ride to me, basically because of the Epcot model. A 6 isnt a bad rating for it, but I think its a cool ride.
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