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 Review of Killimanjaro Safaris @ Animal Kingdom
1 Rating Posted by: Gosquan on 6/24/2005 12:36:00 PM
I enjoyed this ride a lot. The animals were fascinating. I waited a half hour which was not so bad for this ride. The Poacher thing was cool. The most amazing part of my expierience was when an elephant crossed the rode. I think this is an excellent ride and a must for everyone in your family.

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praxis on 6/24/2005 10:39:34 PM said:
Pardon my skepticism... but an >elephant< crossed the road? Theyre pretty well separated from the road the trucks travel on, even if you cant see the barriers. Talk about an animal that could be dangerous!
vbarbieri on 6/25/2005 1:45:37 AM said:
The elephants cannot cross the road like the alligators, lions and hippos they are segregated now what does cross the road are giraffes,rhinos and the tommys. This comes from a former Disney cast member who clued me in to this information.
Gosquan on 7/7/2005 11:21:14 AM said:
Not the road in front of me. The area where you go over the canal and there is open space. Its more like Gravel not a road. It happened like to the right of us. When you go next time check out that spot.
vbarbieri on 7/7/2005 10:24:15 PM said:
I know exactly where you are speaking and you are correct it actually gives the illusion of being alot closer to the elephants than you really are.
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