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 Review of Steel Force @ Dorney Park
0 Rating Posted by: viking78 on 6/16/2005 1:46:00 PM
One of the first of many hypercoasters and IMO still the best. I am a fan of hypercoasters and Id have to say this edges out some of the newer versions like Appolos Chariot, Nitro, even Goliath. Theres just something special about this ride that makes it the king over its competitors. My top 10, you betcha!

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Hercules on 6/16/2005 2:18:35 PM said:
Glad to see that you liked it. I had Steel Force as a 10 for a while but just recently had to give it a bump down. I wouldnt say that it is the best out there or anything, but it definately will always have a special place in my heart since it was my first hyper, still a great ride, and is at my homepark.
fergusonat on 7/14/2005 1:45:22 PM said:
Wow, I thought it was rough and kinda pointless. NO AIRTIME! Very weak
Hercules on 7/14/2005 2:30:47 PM said:
No airtime? Where did you sit? Those bunny hills in the back end are crazy.
fergusonat on 7/14/2005 3:31:52 PM said:
I actually sat three seats up from the very back, and I still felt very little air. I thought the mid-course brakes hit in too hard for the last bunny hills to have insane airtime. I dunno, I guess I was just spoiled in the airtime department with Apollos Chariot
Gosquan on 8/2/2005 2:47:24 PM said:
I think it is not as great as Nitro or anything like that but its also not as smooth and I like bumpy rides. Cmon guys give it some props.
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