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 Review of Old Mill, The @ Kennywood
0 Rating Posted by: Lin48 on 6/11/2005 11:00:00 AM
This was the first ride that went on when we got to Kennywood and I was kind of hesitant about going on because I had heard nothing but horror stories since theyd shifted over to the Garfield theming (and not just because its his nightmare...mostly because theyve turned the ride itself into a nightmare). But you know what? I still wanted to go on it because at its core, its still The Old Mill, right? Same boats, same structure...I figured Id still get some feel for its former self as seeing what it used to be on a Discovery channel special excited me. But it was nothing but crap.
Marketing for Pepsi products within the first three seconds of the ride, lots of stupidity, comic strips painted up on the walls...WHAT!?!?
It was too stupid for me to comprehend and then the 3D glasses were not very great either (I just personally do not like wearing those on most rides unless its worth it and in this case, it was not!)
Id call this heartbreak because if this had been The Old Mill (and I kept trying to imagine it as we rode through), it would have been about 80 times better even if it had still been lame. This was just awful and aside from the little thrills of riding in the same boats through the same structure...I wouldnt recommend the disappointment.
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