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 Review of Splash Mountain @ Magic Kingdom
0 Rating Posted by: FLA8 on 6/3/2005 9:31:00 PM
Its an alright log flume with good themeing and stuff,Fun drops and stuff but there story really sucks and makes no since.Disney says its the steepest drop on a flume and one of the best.I personally think there full of crap.

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vbarbieri on 6/21/2005 1:32:08 AM said:
The story sucks? So my guess is you are too young to remember Song of the South, the movie this ride is themed for. A Disney classic that has never been released on video or DVD.
Gosquan on 6/30/2005 12:28:17 PM said:
In my opinion this ride is great. The story is for all ages. What flumes are better???? The only one that I can think of is Dudley Do Right, but they are close. All the other flumes get jumped after this one.
tacoking on 6/30/2005 3:05:53 PM said:
I think Id rather believe someone who can actually spell and type.
razor12 on 8/5/2007 10:17:33 PM said:
I agree, Splash Mountain isnt the steepest. Ripsaw Falls is, disney is full of crap.
ginzo on 8/5/2007 10:24:28 PM said:
Who cares about the angle of descent? Steep drops are not the meat of Splash Mountain.
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