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 Review of Flying Eagles @ Kings Dominion
2 Rating Posted by: JamminJ on 4/21/2005 9:33:00 PM
Contrary to popular belief, these flyers CAN be snapped, even consecutively. The speed is about average for Flyers, and the ride time isnt that much shorter than the excellent sets at Knoebels and Carowinds. The main reason why people cant get them to snap is because of the wide radius that you can steer your bird. Whereas at Carowinds they have rubber stoppers that actually aid in steering, thus producing better snaps. It took me many rides, through many visits to finally get the hang of this ride, so there is no accidental snapping like at Carowinds and no easy snaps either. The trick is not to move the rudder from the far left to the far right and vice versa like on every other set, instead use only about 80% of the total space. Step number 2 is to pretty much do the complete opposite of what you would at Carowinds or Knoebels. I know this doesnt make any sense right now, as it didnt when I first heard it, but once you get it you will understand. It will not come fast so dont give up quickly. After you get the hang of it you can experiment on going out of the 80 percent boundary to get more pronounced, structure shaking snaps. Step number 3 is to not have an op who is a nazi.. though that is obvously not up the rider. The skill required actually makes me appreciate this set of Flyers more than the ones at Carowinds or Knoebels. It has an excellent setting next to the pond, heres hoping this ride stays for a very very long time and is not replaced by an Italian Job next year..

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BobFunland on 4/21/2005 9:53:09 PM said:
Very interesting. Well, first I would have to say that the Flyers at Knoebels do not have the rudder bumpers like the Carowinds model. Other than that, I am glad that you got them to work well. On my first ride I was pumped not to see the bumpers, so I figured the snapping and flying would be better, so on my first ride I went "all out" and was pushing them to the fullest, but nothing really happened. On my second ride, I thought about the same thing, about trying to match the angles from Carowinds, but still no luck. I mean its cool that you got a good grip on how to ride them, but I can say that snapping them is more difficult than the Carowinds set, and not really easy. Also, even my bit of wobbling caused the ride op to give me "that look", so I wouldnt have had much of a chance at a successful flight anyway. Good review and I hope next time I get to ride them it turns out as well as yours.
larrygator on 4/21/2005 11:27:03 PM said:
I think you are out of your mind but Ill try it next time Im down there. Ill retract my statement and upgrade my rating for this ride if you are right, but I doubt it will happen.

By the way the ride cycle at Knobebels is at least twice as long.
fergusonat on 7/7/2006 12:19:29 AM said:
Well, I have to admit that I have gotten the hang of snapping these guys and the ride has become pretty much the only thing worth riding at my home park The only problem is that as soon as you get into a rhythm, the ride ops often end the cycle prematurely, which is kind of a testament to how well you got the whole damn thing to shake but in another sense sort of disappointing
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