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 Review of Borg Assimilator @ Carowinds
0 Rating Posted by: BobFunland on 3/22/2005 8:23:00 PM
I am mixed about this review. As stated in previous reviews, BORG is a great coaster, and I would rate it as equal with Superman Ultimate Flight. BORG is different in many aspects though, starting with the trains. The Vekoma loading procedure seems to be slower than the B&M models, causing for slow operations and inevitable stacking. The parks operating procedures didnt help, mainly due to a "no empty seats" mandate. Also, the trains were a bit nerve-wrecking, no matter how much my brain told me that they were safe, my heart kept telling me "there is no way that shoulder harness will keep me from plummeting ot my death!" Well, Im still alive Also, the lay-down trains hurt my back quite a bit, especially when we sat on the brake run for three minutes waiting for the station to clear, so that hurt my views of the ride a bit, but Ill try to equate that out. As for the ride, the layout and elements beat Superman as a whole, but as other members have said, the pretzel loop still hasnt been touched. I liked the high-banked first turn, something that I wish the B&M flyers had, and the transitions from lying to flying was actually quite smooth, in terms of the flow of the ride and the actual smoothness. The ride was not that rough, certainly better than most Vekomas. The double corkscrew was a fun and interesting element, and the setting near the giant sphere, not to mention the location above the lakes, all added up big time for the ride. Overall, I couldnt ask for much more in a flyer, other than B&M trains, and the rides operations hurt as well.
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