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 Review of Caro-Suess-el @ Islands of Adventure
0 Rating Posted by: papa1958 on 9/2/2004 9:56:00 AM
This ride should be great, but it is not. Although there is no denying that Caro-Suess-el looks great both from without and within and showcases the Suess characters magnificently, it has two big drawbacks. First, the mechanical elements are way too hard to operate even for adults, not to mention children. (This lack of attention to what children can actually do is a theme repeated at the Cat-in-the-Hat where the spinning is too intense for small children.) Second, there is no band organ which is a big lost opportunty.

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skifast22 on 12/29/2004 5:35:46 PM said:
If you think the spinning is too harsh on the Cat, you can have the ride attendant turn it off. The its just like a normal dark ride.
tacoking on 12/29/2004 10:49:23 PM said:
I can see the spinning being intense for some children, but I think most are fine when they are young. Most "small" children dont really care what happens to them. I mean, they are fearless when it comes to attractions like these.
papa1958 on 1/11/2005 5:25:08 PM said:
My seven year thought the Cat in the Hat spun too fast. Do they tell you somewhere that the attendant can turn the spinning off?
tacoking on 1/11/2005 8:43:43 PM said:
Wow, one child thought that so they must all think like that.
Achibabwa on 1/12/2005 12:35:07 PM said:
I agree that the movement on many of the characters is too hard. Mine was very difficult if it was not timed with the rides movement. I didnt ride with any kids, but I imagine it must be pretty disappointing for them.
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