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 Review of Silver Comet @ Martins Fantasy Island
1 Rating Posted by: larrygator on 8/29/2004 4:44:00 PM
Certainly a &quot.hidden gem&quot., I dont give 10s out liberally but this coaster gets one as it is only a shade behind the other woodies I have given 10s to, but not far behind. It&#39.s a woodie on a steel frame and I didnt even bother to read any of these other reviews before I rode last weekend. It goes 55MPh but never slows down as the ride is not braked. Lots of good air and lateral Gs. The 1st and 3rd drops give great &quot.stand-up out of your seat&quot. air.

The only drawback on my visit was the ride operators more concerned about talking to each other and letting their &quot.friends&quot. cut the line. Someone finally confronted the ride operator about these two guys getting off the ride then hoping back over the car into the station queues and bypassing the whole line. The ride operators says she is only doing it for them because they are her cousins. Oh i guess that makes it OK.

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BobFunland on 5/5/2005 4:43:13 PM said:
I must be going crazy, but how did you refer to Thunderhead in this review? Have you updated it, because it doesnt show that you did
larrygator on 5/6/2005 9:31:51 AM said:
I updated it last week, thats very strange that the "edit/update" footnote doesnt show up. Should I bring this to the attention of a moderator?
BobFunland on 5/6/2005 6:59:29 PM said:
Nah, they dont know what they are doing anyways...
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