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5 Rating Posted by: benleibo on 6/20/2004 10:16:00 PM
Ah. Theres nothing on Earth that can compare to Cyclone. Just arriving at Coney Island on a sunny, summer day is an experience in itself. True to its reputation, the Cyclone is the greatest example of a classic rollercoaster. The nostalgic feeling one gets when riding this coaster is so unique. The views from the lift hill are outstanding. Off back to the right is the massive New York City skyline, to the side is the Wonder Wheel, out in front is the beach, and all around is the atmosphere of the boardwalk. This coaster is a blast from the past, taking you back to a time when this was the greatest thrill ride in the world. This coasters history is enormous. It is now a national landmark and serves as a symobl of the first golden age of rollercoasters. The coaster is so popular that a whole class of woodies posseses the "cyclone layout." Viper at SFGAm and the Gerorgia Cyclone at SFOG are just two of the coasters that holpelessly attempt to immitate this masterpiece. However, nothing compare to a day at the boardwalk riding the Cyclone.

The one thing I didnt expect out of the Cyclone was for it to be a great coaster. Just looking at the structure makes you think it will just collapse. But boy was I wrong! This coaster might be nearly 80 years old, but it still packs tons of thrills. I never really thought that first drops gave lots of airtime, but the first drop on Cyclone provides phenomenal airtime. In fact, better than many hypers Ive ridden. There is tons of airtime throughout the ride and tons of G-forces. The track constantly cuts back through the structure and twists around it. The trains are great. The seats are like small couches with a single lapbar for two passengers. After all these years, the Cyclone still packs a great punch.

There is not much that can describe the Cyclone other than a masterpiece that has inspired the coaster industry more than maybe any other ride. Fabulous.

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larrygator on 6/20/2004 11:45:47 PM said:
Glad you enjoyed not only the history but also the best butt kicking you are ever going to get on a woodie. Did you ride in the back, front or both?
benleibo on 6/21/2004 9:51:01 AM said:
Once in the front seat and once in the back seat. Equally good rides.
adriahna on 6/21/2004 11:31:19 AM said:
Great review, benleibo - any Cyclone fanatic is a friend of mine. Its really pretty amazing to think that its almost 80 years old - they just dont make them like they used to, do they?
mrceagle on 10/22/2004 9:41:50 PM said:
I find your reviews will imputed and full of info. Im glad to see a few good posters have found there way to the site wile I was away. Good Review. I too think very highly of this coaster.
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