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 Review of Maliboomer @ California Adventure
0 Rating Posted by: biosciking on 6/13/2004 11:17:00 PM
I would not call the Maliboomer a necessarily weak version of a space shot ride, but it does have a couple of problems. First, as mentioned in just about every review, you are surrounded by what are being called scream shields. I understand the point. I would not want to hear everybody screaming every couple of minutes either if I lived in the surrounding neighborhood. But man, they are certainly annoying while riding. They are very confining and actually kind of stuffy (which is sort of gross, thinking about everybody else breathing on them before you), and while they certainly do block the screams, they also block any other regular conversation that you might like to have with the people sitting next to you too. As for the ride itself, after the launch and drop, the ride bobs up and down a bit uneventfully but is pretty much over. However, minus these detractions, I think the ride is actually pretty good. The theming is quite well done if you take the time to appreciate it (themed like the game of strength where you swing a hammer to send a ball as far as possible up a tower). The California Screamin coaster also wraps around the entire ride. The launch itself is I think quite good too, but it is coming off of the top and starting to fall back down that really wows me on this one. I always get some amazing airtime on this ride. I am talking shockingly hard-core. I do not see too many others mention this in their reviews, but I somehow sure get it. Anyway, for space shot / drop tower enthusiasts, this is likely to not be the best. For those new to the genre, though, I imagine this must be a pretty intimidating attraction at a Disney park. From the sound of things, the Maliboomer is on its way out during the renovation of DCA. I must say I am not too surprised, especially with the far superior Twilight Zone drop tower located right on the other side of the park.
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