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 Review of X Scream @ Stratosphere Hotel Casino, The
1 Rating Posted by: larrygator on 5/4/2004 1:16:00 PM
OK, Im torn between an 8 or a 9 for this one. I did expect a little more. There are part of it that look a lot scarier to watch then the sensation you feel. I suggest you ride this first without fully knowing what will happen because the lack of surprise hindered my fun. Ride in the fornt seat though, hanging over the side of the tower looking down is pretty cool. Continue down for more info, but dont read on if you plan on riding and want to be surprised:

The best part was when the arm holding the cars started shaking and dropped a couple of feet giving the sensation that something was wrong. Now if you know that is coming its not very scary.

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CKingLV on 5/6/2004 4:49:17 PM said:
Great review come back next year when we will have another new ride up there to go 64 ft over the edge this time, try to imagine a yo-yo going over the edge of the building with sensations like on the fair ride the Hurricane
larrygator on 5/6/2004 10:58:41 PM said:
yeah the ride ops were pysched about the swing, Id still prefer to see the coaster down the side of the tower.
Swimace on 7/10/2004 2:45:07 PM said:
Yeah, I can see it now. Stratosphere hires B&M to make dive machine that goes all the way off the tower.
tacoking on 1/2/2005 4:18:35 PM said:
There was that fish hook coaster the Strasphere tried to get approved.
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