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 Review of Ninja, The @ Six Flags Over Georgia
-1 Rating Posted by: V_Ravyn on 5/3/2004 1:57:00 AM
I am still a little upset that they removed Z Force and put this in its place. The ride was okay, but once you have ridden Wabash Cannonball in Nashville and have seen how it shakes when the train roars by, this just isnt as thrilling.

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vekoma88 on 7/20/2005 9:46:33 PM said:
I know this is a random comment, but I wonder why so many made such a fuss over the Wabash Cannonball when it was just a standard Arrow corkscrew?? I mean, I heard from many that when it operated at Opryland, it was actually very smooth and pretty fun for such a short and uninnovative ride, but I was just wondering. It was actually supposed to be built here in boring Indy back in 1999 but it was scrapped along with all the other coasters except for one, and they were to open in 1999 with the name of the park being the Heartland Festival Entertainment Complex, but of course, it did not happen.
mrceagle on 7/21/2005 2:09:42 PM said:
i really need a better explanation for your 5 rating. your comparign it to a Standard corkscrew and saying this ride is average to that? what are you really tryign to say. what makes this coaster avareage?
mrceagle on 7/21/2005 3:55:15 PM said:
I agree that dont make much sance. I think were dealign with a poaster with littel coaster experiance tryign to sound liek he knows somthing.
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