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 Review of Mickeys PhilharMagic @ Magic Kingdom
3 Rating Posted by: BigJohnWC on 12/1/2003 1:23:00 PM
This was great fun and, to me, a return to form for this theater. For those of you who dont remember, BEFORE The Lion King puppet show and before the 3D movie (the ok one that was in EPCOT before Captain EO that they moved here), there was this great animatronic and unique shoq in this same theater. Mickey was seen conducting his orchestra, all of the classic Disney movies received a chance to perform a song (often in a unqiue silohouette (sp?) format, and the final included all of the statues in the theater coming to life and singing. This new show is magical in the Disney sense. Good fun, showcasing the disney movies of the past couple decades (mainly the blockbusters), the 3D effects are vibrant and interesting (every kid in the audience "reached" for the 3D gems and food that floated about), and the 4D specials were used wisely and sparingly. Rather than the overdone vibrating chair effect (used at Universals SHREK), there were only a few water splashes on the audience and the "scent" effect doesnt draw attention to itself (like the stink bug in TOUGH TO BE A BUG) ... this allows it to amaze and delight the audience and have a more sustained reaction. What impressed me, and always has at most Disney attractions, is the "little things." The carpeting of the theater (which suits the theming), the 3D sound effects, and Donalds voice (done by the original voice of Donald, taken in "samples" from earlier work) just add to the feel of this. This is a presentation of Disney masterfulness, not a gimmick attraction that can pretty much be called "Insert Random Popular Cartoon Character Here"s 4D Adventure. Also of note, the 3D computer animation allows for much cleaner 3D effect than the live action counterpart (Muppets, Terminator, HISTA) and the Cinerama environment (as proven in Terminator) envelops the audience well. All in all, this 4D show was the most refreshing and invigorating Ive seen in quite some time.

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Swimace on 12/2/2003 7:20:42 PM said:
Great Review! Im hoping to get down there to see it soon.
Danny on 12/3/2003 4:55:15 PM said:
Ive only heard positive things about his attraction...maybe Disney is finally realizing how to make good shows.
benleibo on 12/31/2003 11:48:34 AM said:
Have you ever gone to a good theme park? If you went to Universal Studios you would realize that this show is WAY behind in terms of technology. This is a symbol of how Disney is lagging behind!
Danny on 12/31/2003 2:53:28 PM said:
I havent seen this show yet, nor have I seen the Shrek show at Universal. But, I have heard that the special effects on Shrek are way overdone, and the effects on Philharmagic are perfect. I agree though, lately Disney hasnt been able to produce any really good attractions. I prefer Universal over Disney anyday.
BigJohnWC on 1/2/2004 1:04:49 PM said:
Have I ever gone to a good theme park? I think my ride tracker/profile speaks for that one. This attraction is lacking nothing .. it is perfect for what it wants to be. In my viewpoint, Shrek dissapointed (especially with the constant seat jerking)and the EXCESSIVE effects hindered an otherwise fun "movie." 4D effects have been done and done again, to the point that the reach "Oh god, now what?" levels. The most effective use of 4-D effects have come from T2: 3-D Battle (which uses the moving seats and water effects only at 2 or 3 key areas), TOUGH TO BE A BUG (which completely immerses you into the bug world, so it takes on more of a simulation feel but still a 4-D show), and this film (which again, saves the effects for an added *punch* in a small handful of key areas). While all the others are fun and entertaining, these three have stood out among them. (Im not counting SPIDER MAN at IOA, noting it does have great 4D effects ... but will classify as a "ride" rather than a "4-D movie") This film encompasses everything it needs to, and the wonder of the people enjoying the show around me (especially the children who were in 7th heaven) is proof to that fact.
vbarbieri on 5/2/2004 3:49:45 PM said:
Philharmagic is what makes Disney great, the ability to use the many characters in its repertoire to accomplish a great attraction is what attracts 14,000,000 visitors each year. Does anyone really believe US and IOA could survive as destinations without WDW I doubt it
BuffMan on 6/1/2004 5:33:20 PM said:
Jeesh, what a review! This is definately not lacking technology. Sure, IOA has more of a thrill atmosphere to it, but Disney is thinking about Family, not die hard coaster fanatics! so of coasre its not going to strike Coaster Freakss fantsies, but the shows main perpose was to entertain the kids. Just my thoughts
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