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 Review of Mad Mouse @ Valleyfair
1 Rating Posted by: cpbrother on 11/3/2003 8:35:00 PM
Mad Mouse came to Valleyfair replacing the Wildcat that used to be there and now has moved to Cedar Point. The Mad Mouse as a thrilling little critter. It provides some good sharp drops as well as very tight turns. The ride is of an average length for a wild mouse coaster which is good. The colors are really nice with the bright pink, purple, and red that create the track and some of the car colors. This ride, to me, seemed to be put in the same place as the Wildcat because Valleyfair might have believed that it would provide much better thrills but hasnt really lived up to the par. The Mad Mouse is a decent wild mouse coaster.

Ratings based on RCT Rating System:

Excitement: 5
Intensity: 6
Nausea: 4

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Guardian20 on 8/9/2007 4:01:01 AM said:
little correction, Cedar Point has had two rides called Wild Cat, both the same design, Cedar Point moved the first one to VF and called it Rails, then VF sold it Jolly Roger Amusement Park as Wild Cat again.
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