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 Review of Viper @ Six Flags Great Adventure
0 Rating Posted by: mekid21 on 10/22/2003 8:10:00 PM
Well I really liked this ride mainly becuase of its different from the other rides at SFGA. I went on it this past summer for my first time on the day the park was closed to the general public(june 8th for the Phyzer? family outing) and it was rainy but the ride was open with no one on it. So I went on it with the rest ofthe people I was with and I sat in the front. Its way too intense for a corkscrew coaster, the first drop and turn are really sharp, it whips you around and gives you such a headache. It was raining so it felt like I was getting shot in the face a million times. I was in such pain after I got off I got right back on without even getting off the station platform.

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mekid21 on 10/22/2003 8:22:18 PM said:
Note: this ride is almost always closed, I was amazed it was open in the rain, the second time I went to the park it was closed and there was a bunch of guys hanging from the track doing work.
Red Rascal on 10/25/2003 3:16:08 PM said:
If you were in pain from the ride, why did you choose to ride it again?
mekid21 on 10/28/2003 3:57:18 PM said:
becuase it is a good ride, minus the headache.
BuffMan on 5/4/2004 8:19:05 PM said:
You rate a nine, with it giving you a headache? Are you sure that didnt give you brain damage, because that sounds screwed up to me...
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