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 Review of Perilous Plunge @ Knotts Berry Farm
0 Rating Posted by: Akane-chan on 9/18/2003 12:11:00 AM
Wow. This ride ties with Superman: The Escape for the"Looks can be decieving" award. From the outside this boat ride looks thrilling and nerve-wracking with an awesome plunge (hence its name.) The problems start the minute you get on the boat, as you will be exposed to the most laborous and confusing restraint system ever (and though it WAS rather snug and tight, I think people were exagerrating how uncomfortable the restraints were. But not by much.) People WERENT being hyperbolic about how long it took to launch the boat though (and I suspect sitting with that tight harness on for 10 extra minutes is what made people complain about their lack of comfort) I mean they had about five different straps the ride operators had to check. I know that Knotts is in CYA mode with this ride, but there has to be a more straightfoward and less time consuming restraint system then one that practically binds you to the ride. Adding to the average score is the fact that the drop itself is surprisngly unspectacular, considering that its nearly vertical (personally I think the rides safty problems would be solved if they made the drop more inclined and just made it taller.) Also you got SOAKED, which is a plus if you like that sort of thing. I mean I expected to get really wet, but I was like when would the water STOP falling on me., Im already drenched. It was like swimming with your clothes on. Anyway, this is just a warning that this ride is more underwhelming then it looks. Its not that bad, but you probably wont want to go on this thing again.
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