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 Review of Millennium Force @ Cedar Point
0 Rating Posted by: jchimpo on 8/29/2003 9:44:00 PM
I loved this ride a bit better than top thrill dragster at this park. Different rides have different attributes and the constant speed and lenght were awesome. So many rides are over so quickly but this ride rips through the air at top speed and never seems to end plus it is perfectly smooth.

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jchimpo on 8/29/2003 11:03:49 PM said:
Oh yeah, dont ride went its sprinkling, its mighty painful on a fresh sunburn.
SFGA_fan on 9/5/2003 9:07:34 PM said:
Yeh, rain may be bad, but the bugs at night are worse, there were litterally swarms of bugs around the track when I went, it was bad.
MovieCoast on 9/5/2003 9:29:06 PM said:
Yes this ride was nice and long, just how I like my rides.
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