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 Review of Excalibur Roller Coaster @ Funtown Splashtown U.S.A.
2 Rating Posted by: Paradox on 8/17/2003 9:10:00 PM
I literally just got back from riding this thing 20 times( Is Funtown always this dead on a Sunday??, if so I am going more often. Every ride was a walk on, including this one!), and I rank it atop all other woodies in NE except the awesome Boulder Dash. The first drop is excellent, with great airtime in the back, and the second and third drop are great as well, with a good headchopper effect on the latter. After a low airtime hill, you head back up for the most interesting drop..................a short 35 footer that seems to twist a bit to the left on the way down. Next you hit two small but fairly intense helices, followed by a short dip and rise up to the brake run.

For a park that is little more than a glorified fairground, this thing is a grand slam. The back seat is definitely the money seat, keeping your rear end off the seat all the way down, and you get some great laterals in the high turnaround before the second drop. Definitely worth checking out of you are up in this area, especially if the park is dead. In a busy day, however, be advised that there is only one train, so the wait could be unpleasant. They have the drop listed at 80 feet, but the lift is 100, and the drop travels to the ground, so it has to be more like 95....with the second being in the mid 60s. The rest of the ride hovers in the 35-40 foot range, tucked in a pine forest...giving the coaster a surprisingly woody setting considering it is located just off a busy highway and near the ocean. I liked it, and will defnitely hit it again before the season ends. How this great CCI coaster ended up here and not at Canobie Lake or SFNE is baffling.

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Achibabwa on 8/17/2003 11:43:47 PM said:
Wow, great review. As an employee and long time guest, I can tell you that the park lines are usually not that bad. On high heat high attendance days, a lot more people are checking out the new expansion to the water park. You are very lucky on your choice of dates thoug. Friday we had Lilix and Staci Orrico, and Saturday we had our biggest group of the year. Hope you keep coming back!
Paradox on 8/18/2003 7:30:30 PM said:
I will definitely be heading up again soon. I called a few people where I work who are also coaster fanatics and told them to check the park out. Once I told them of the wait times, they nearly fell off their chairs in shock! I live only 45 minutes away, so this is definitely the place to go for a quick coaster fix. I got there around 2pm, and by 6pm had an even 20 rides on Excalibur, a half dozen on Dragons descent, and two on the log ride....plus the Galaxi coaster once and three flat rides. 32 Rides in only a few hours! At SFNE last Tuesday, we were there from 11am to 7 pm, and rode SROS 4 times since we fast passed it, and Batman twice...with a ride on the Boomerang and Mind Eraser once. . Thats it, since Cyclone has the usual long wait, same with Thunderbolt, and Scream was having problems making the wait not worth it. So where bang for the buck is concerned, your park offered just as good a day in terms of rides per dollar spent, and Excalibur is a much better coaster then the Cyclone since they pretty much ruined it with the reprofiled first drop and trim brakes. Your park seems to be where Riverside was a few years back before Six Flags picked it up. It is funny how this big nicely themed ride sits in such a small park, almost making you wonder if future expansion might be in the works. Also, your fried dough is the best I have tried yet, and unlike SFNE bottles of soda do NOT cost 3 bucks!
SexyWizard on 8/26/2003 1:05:39 AM said:
there are helixes on this? anyways achibabwa i read on scream scape that funtown was lookin for a major thrill ride for 2004...is this true? and if so whats the idea?
Achibabwa on 8/26/2003 2:04:17 AM said:
Havent heard anything specific. I think there are more water park expansions planned, but I dont know how soon. This year tourism hasnt been great, but I guess well see.
SexyWizard on 8/26/2003 2:20:55 AM said:
thanks, funtowns my home town park and i read that and got a little excited, but didnt really expect anything...but ill hope for the best
Achibabwa on 9/3/2003 10:20:09 PM said:
I know its been a while, not sure if youll check this but all i can think about is a 200 foot coaster at FT, looking at dragons and imagining that on the skyline, ooooh that would be awesome for the park!
SexyWizard on 9/17/2003 6:12:15 PM said:
thatd be awesome! but i dont really think thats gonna happen...excalibur is the biggest coaster ive been on sadly, so itd be something really new for me
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