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 Review of Redwood Creek Challenge Trail @ California Adventure
0 Rating Posted by: thechad on 6/28/2003 4:53:00 AM
This is a great kiddie area. They got these tire swings for kids that go down this cable. It looks like tons of fun for kids..and it is hysterical to watch (mainly because most of the kids go flying off of them because the brakes is this big rubber tire at the end of the cable that the kids ram into.) And they got these rope tunnels going all througout the area about 60 feet in the air where you can get some really cool views. Their is also a wall where you try to hang on as you transvert from the right side to the left. There are many little things in this are that I still may not have found. Mainly fun for kids under 12. But still a nice resting point for parents. It is a playground meets Yosemite.
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