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 Review of Adventures of Spiderman @ Islands of Adventure
0 Rating Posted by: GravityLaw on 6/23/2003 12:38:00 PM
THE BEST RIDE ANYWHERE!!!! This ride is UNBELIEVABLE!! Im tellin you, this is disney quality here folks. It doesnt get much better than this. Universal really outdid themselves with IOA and this ride is the best example of how Universal can be as good as disney if they try hard enough. There are so many screens and you just keep on moving from screen to screen. I heard this was the most expensive ride or something and i could see why. Im not gonna write a huge reveiw this time like i do for all my favorite disnay rides, im just gonna say GET OFF UR ASS AND GO GET ON THIS!!!! It really lives up to all the hype. It deserves an 11!!!!!!!

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MovieCoast on 7/16/2003 5:12:15 PM said:
Mission Space prolly cost a lot. Anyway, this ride shouldnt have Disney quality. ITS A UNIVERSAL RIDE!!!!
Danny on 7/16/2003 9:26:43 PM said:
Universal quality is much better than Disney quality. Except for when it comes to ToT 8)
schroom on 7/16/2003 9:31:28 PM said:
Yeah Drevil I agree. However Mission Space is supposed to be good, but Universal Studios Mummy indoor roller coaster project looks good as well although not much has been said about it.
praxis on 7/16/2003 10:16:25 PM said:
Isnt the Mummy ride a ways off? (Mission: Space opens next month.)
Sephiroth7 on 7/16/2003 11:47:36 PM said:
Mummy is comin next year, not far off. It is going to raise the standards of any themed attraction....
Danny on 7/17/2003 8:58:20 AM said:
Yeah, Im extremely excited about that attraction.
schroom on 7/17/2003 10:06:40 AM said:
According to some websites the Mummy has been in research for 10 years. I have high expectations for this ride.
MovieCoast on 7/17/2003 10:30:24 AM said:
Uh oh...I feel another overhyped ride coming around the bend...
B&M Rider on 7/17/2003 4:49:31 PM said:
Universal generally doesnt make overhyped rides. Disney, however, does.
schroom on 7/17/2003 5:18:45 PM said:
Spiderman was very hyped and it didnt dissapoint.
Danny on 7/17/2003 5:38:59 PM said:
ToT is very hyped and never disappoints me. However, Test Track was way too overhyped, and was a tad disappointing.
praxis on 7/17/2003 8:20:51 PM said:
Only time will tell if the hype was/is warranted. The theming, at least, on Mummy was unlikely to be 10 years in the making, as the ride is based on a movie that came out in 99. (Presumably its not modeled on the b+w original starring Boris Karloff.) Dunno if Ill make it to Florida to see Mummy the ride, but I will soon get a chance to do Mission Space. TPC review pending...
Sephiroth7 on 8/1/2003 2:26:41 AM said:
Mummy overhyped...hah...this thing is going to be great. How can a 5 minute coaster/dark ride done by Universal be "bad". I dont think its in their vocabularies. The real question is: Will it top Spiderman as the #1 technological ride in the world. Being such a big fan of Spiderman, even THAT may be hard. But if it really is as amazing as it sounds, it could very well topple Spidys crown...
praxis on 8/1/2003 8:12:12 AM said:
It definitely would be tough to top Spidey. And oddly, while Universals rides are pretty uniformly good, some of the attraction/shows are, lets be charitable, not. Twister, anyone?
Danny on 8/1/2003 9:26:19 AM said:
Hey, I liked Twister!
tacoking on 8/1/2003 11:58:17 AM said:
That 10 year stuff is crap.
Danny on 8/1/2003 1:57:22 PM said:
I know it is.
Sephiroth7 on 8/4/2003 4:09:42 PM said:
The actual "ride" has not been in development for 10 years. Methods and the space age robotics may have been...
BobFunland on 8/4/2003 10:58:34 PM said:
Something better than Spiderman? I havent been on too many simulator-type rides, but Spiderman was incredible! If the Mummy is as good as yall say it will be, it may be worth yet another trip to Universal.
tacoking on 8/9/2003 9:07:51 PM said:
It will be worth a trip. Im hoping to be one of the firsts to ride it.
Danny on 8/9/2003 9:59:21 PM said:
Ill probably be one of the last. It sounds awesome though.
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