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 Review of Magnum XL-200 @ Cedar Point
-1 Rating Posted by: m311ton on 6/20/2003 12:21:00 AM
There arent many rides at Cedar Point that I dont like, but there is always that one that creates that sensation of getting beat by a baseball bat. Magnum just happened to be that one, and I just happened to dislike it. I didnt have any time to enjoy what I understand to be a decent ride because I was busy trying to fight off the extreme pains I was experiencing. I have never been hurt by a coaster like this before, which leads me to the decision that I would not wait longer than 5 minutes for this ride. Usually those painful coasters are fun, but in this case, I would have to disagree.

UPDATE: After going to the park a second time and forgetting just how much this ride hurt, I began to realize that it would be a sure 10 if you could make it through the ride without the pain. This would be one of my all time favorite rides if I could just do without the discomfort and be able to enjoy the brilliant design of the ride.
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