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 Review of Invasion Alien Encounter @ Disney Quest
2 Rating Posted by: samael7 on 6/10/2003 7:18:00 PM
Okay, so it was my birthday, and I was already having a great day. I was with a good group of friends (about 6 of us or so, I think), and so it was just us in the pod. I piloted. Yes, it was hard. Yes, it was unusual. Yes, I did squish an explorer. Yes, I failed miserably the first time, but we tried one more time. I got the hang of the jumping thing -- critical if you want to survive and island hop.

It was down to the wire this second time around and all my friends are fragging alien monsters as fast as their flippin fingers could fire, and I see one last survivor. My friends are barking warnings. "We cant save him! Theyre on us! Our right rear legs about to go!" However, I am cool. I am calm. I am in control. My crew is panicking, but I yell back, "No one gets left behind!" and I pick up the last survivor. Just then as we stand back up, the pod is rocked and we lose a leg. Im ambling sideways, but I can see the wormhole that will take us back to our HQ. Ive all but lost control with five seconds left to reach the vortex, five seconds before the whole planet goes up with a bang, and I do the only thing I can do: "3...2...1..." I use the jump move to hurl myself, my crew, and the survivors into the slipstream.

All goes dark for a moment and its completely, eerily silent. In an instant, the dizzying lights of the wormhole engulf us as were hurtling back to HQ, and Mission Control comes on, sounding to my ears as amazed as I feel, "They made it! Weve got them! We got them back!"

My crew whoops and shouts (and I do as well), much amazed back-slapping ensues, and we bring all but one or two explorers back with us (may they rest in peace).

I cant begin to describe the exhilirating rush all of us had. It was better than some rides Id been on. It helped immensely that I knew each of "my crew" and we were all laughing and having a great time and totally into the spirit of it. But, hands down, a peak excitement experience at Disney Quest that day!
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