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 Review of Derby Racer @ Playland Amusement Park
0 Rating Posted by: adriahna on 6/4/2003 5:14:00 PM
Wonderful ride - I had ridden the Derby Racer at Cedar Point, but this one is even faster. Also, I absolutely LOVE the Marcus Illions-carved horses on Playlands - Cedar Points racer horses are much simpler,more static Prior & Church carvings. Just remember, right foot up, left foot down!

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papa1958 on 9/21/2004 11:08:37 AM said:
I agree with adriahna that this is the best. See my review of this ride for my top 10 list.
papa1958 on 9/18/2006 9:50:01 AM said:
I am sorry to report that on recent visit to Playland the racing function (which still operates at Cedar Point) no longer works at Playland.
coasterf42 on 6/30/2008 2:58:26 PM said:
What exactly does "racing function" mean?
papa1958 on 7/2/2008 11:55:25 PM said:
There are three rows of horses. During the ride the horses not only go up and down, they also go forward and backward relative to the other two horses in the row, giving you the illusion that they are actually racing. At the end of the ride, one of the three horse will "win."
coasterf42 on 7/3/2008 7:12:53 PM said:
That's what I thought. That function seemed to be working last weekend though.
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