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 Review of Chaos @ Six Flags New England
0 Rating Posted by: DmctNY8 on 2/6/2003 12:00:00 AM
A basic Choas that hasnt fallen apart. Worth a ride if you are already at the park but nothing special.

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mrceagle on 2/6/2003 5:55:49 PM said:
it may not have fallin apart but this thing bock down twice when I was on it.
DmctNY8 on 2/6/2003 11:45:09 PM said:
Ive seen it closed but have never seen anyone get stuck on it.
mrceagle on 2/7/2003 12:47:38 AM said:
After that the next time I went it was closed and it was closed the next year. I saw it open one last year. I really think this ride should be removed for somthing more fun, more relaiable, and dosnt have a "chance" of falling apart
DmctNY8 on 2/7/2003 11:54:38 AM said:
Ironically the name of the manufactor is "Chance Rides".
mrceagle on 2/7/2003 10:50:11 PM said:
I know bad pun.
DmctNY8 on 2/8/2003 11:27:49 AM said:
What makes that such a bad pun. It is interesting how Trimpers in Maryland has virtually every chance ride (including the awful ones) but doesnt have a Choas.
mrceagle on 2/8/2003 7:25:27 PM said:
That is interasting. but I would never buy a chaos ride. thier are so many used ones of this for sail right know its reicualse.
DmctNY8 on 2/8/2003 7:43:26 PM said:
It is just curious how they have a Toboggan, Zippper, Wipeout ect, ect. and not a chaos. At least half the park is Chance rides.
mrceagle on 2/9/2003 12:47:26 AM said:
They probuly noticed that alot of parks wr geitng reed of them and didnt bother.
DmctNY8 on 2/9/2003 9:49:04 AM said:
Well they bought an Inverter which wouldnt make much sense to me. Those rides are much worse than Choases.
mrceagle on 2/9/2003 4:58:20 PM said:
i hapon to like the inverters. I have never been hurt or felt pain wile riding one. the ride is, at least to me, a good bit of fun.
DmctNY8 on 2/9/2003 5:00:15 PM said:
I actully once rode the inverter and wasnt listing and got my arm jamed under the restraints. That hurt like crazy. But the problem with inverters involves a part of the restarint system coming down on a certain area.
mrceagle on 2/9/2003 5:26:03 PM said:
quick word to the wise, push your toes up just enuff to keep the restraints up about a half inch, they you wont have to worry about it.
DmctNY8 on 2/9/2003 5:30:17 PM said:
Ill try that.
DmctNY8 on 2/9/2003 5:30:18 PM said:
Shoot double post, sorry. To make use of this wasted bandwith Ill add, no matter what trick you have, it cant save the inverter.
mrceagle on 2/9/2003 9:09:55 PM said:
well I like then and as long as they have it Ill ride it thow I find it pointles to have a double inverter when they never use both sides.
DmctNY8 on 2/9/2003 10:46:49 PM said:
Yeah the double inverter at Great Adventure is now gone.
mrceagle on 2/9/2003 11:07:12 PM said:
I hurd that. the thing is their isnt much they can put in its place. the ride needs to be quite because its betwen the stunt show and the dalphin show/dive show(whatever is theri now)
DmctNY8 on 2/9/2003 11:49:18 PM said:
They put a pavilion for concerts for last years summer of festivals.
mrceagle on 2/10/2003 12:42:58 AM said:
cool. Do you now were it went?
DmctNY8 on 2/10/2003 11:48:12 AM said:
No, I also dont know if the Summer of Festiviles is occuring this year too.
mrceagle on 2/10/2003 1:29:34 PM said:
Ya, I got to get Canobie to do things like this. thebigest thing they started doing is block partys every so often at the park. they bring out those wind dancers.a nd invite alocal radeo station and let peaple party in the big are in front of the Yankie canonball. they also have Firworks evey Saterday night after the Fourth.
DmctNY8 on 2/10/2003 5:09:55 PM said:
The Summer of Festivles brought local bands in that played whatever the theme of the time was.
mrceagle on 2/10/2003 7:22:28 PM said:
verry neat idea. sounds like it ws fun.
DmctNY8 on 7/23/2003 7:53:58 AM said:
I noticed in 2003 those bands appear not to play at Six Flags anymore.
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