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 Review of Batman The Ride @ Six Flags Great America
-2 Rating Posted by: Uranium on 1/13/2003 3:12:00 PM
Head abuse, lumpy uncomfortable seats and only running about 40% of the time (They close it down for everything: Rain, High winds, Light winds, Bird poop on the track...) earns it a big fat 3. Like said below, the line is always long and very noisy. Plus, after standing in the sun you walk through a dimly lit staircase... and I trip on it every time. Very short too. Man, why cant GA get some decent rides like there are at SF:MM?

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mrceagle on 1/19/2003 11:43:57 PM said:
I try to welcome every one to the site so welcome. but unles they are using none B&M trains I cant beleive you. i have riden two deforent BTR clones and the cares are the same. and B&M cars are anything but uncmfertable.
B&M Rider on 1/20/2003 1:46:19 AM said:
SFMM has another B:TR clone, X and Deja Vu which break down much more often than any B&M, Flashback which is a huge headbanger, and Revolution which used to be good until they gave it OTSRs. No offense, but if a very good B:TR clone gets a 3 from you, I wonder what other rides will be getting.
mrceagle on 1/20/2003 3:39:15 PM said:
Verry good point. for a BTR clone to be cetting this low a ranking their is either some ratings tampering of the ride is in total disrepair.
MagnumMan on 1/20/2003 3:59:56 PM said:
hes right. any B&M coaster you name is smooth as glass, especially this one. i hope you arent doing false reviewing, Uranium...
mrceagle on 1/20/2003 4:21:26 PM said:
Deja vew 4, raging bull 9 and this one 3, only three review at this time. too early to tell.
SFGA_fan on 1/20/2003 5:33:03 PM said:
Come on you baby. This ride is the most reliable ride at the park. I been to the park 32 times over the past two years and it is always the last ride to close in the rain, and the first ride to open back up. Second of all SFGA has a ton of great rides. Raging Bull, Deja Vu, The Viper, The American Eagle, V2, and Batman the Ride. Also this isnt a clone. This is the first Batman the Ride and the first inverted coaster. It still runs great, its relatively smoothe still after over 10 years, overall its a smoothe but at he same time an intense ride.
mrceagle on 1/20/2003 6:52:22 PM said:
11 coaster and only one family more then SFNE with 8 with one kidie and on family. the ride solection looks good to.
m311ton on 1/20/2003 7:00:36 PM said:
SFGA_fan hit the nail on the head, I dont know what you are talking about in your review. Batman is very reliable, one of the best at Great America. The theming is pretty cool too, its supposed to give that Gotham feeling. Pick up your feet when you walk and you wont trip.
DemonRules on 1/20/2003 10:26:56 PM said:
all right, finally something we can all agree on, Uranium doesnt know what he is talking about. batman is a fantastic example of what a great ride is. excellent theming at a park that could use some,(the tunnels give a great place to cool off)and the ride itself is very good. it has loops, barrel rolls, helixes, and whatnot. it isnt really that short, and you do travel very fast the whole way through, which i enjoy, it never loses its umph. im guessing Uranium simply cannot handle rides of a slightly greater intensity level, and cannot justly rate this ride for what its worth.
mrceagle on 1/21/2003 12:01:04 AM said:
Are their realy tunnels of the batman coaster? the two Ive riden SFOG and SFGADv wer just over the ground. though SFOG was closer to the ground and better.
DemonRules on 1/21/2003 8:24:24 AM said:
no, i meant for the cue line, you walk through like a bunch of sewer tunnels
mrceagle on 1/21/2003 7:57:43 PM said:
Pk, they have it set up that way in GA
toaddy on 1/22/2003 4:27:31 PM said:
I havnt been on the east coast ones but Im sure they are the same. This review sucks. BTR rules. And fyi B&MRider X and De Ja have no problems. They are fixed. The only problem they have now is the lines.
DemonRules on 1/22/2003 5:48:57 PM said:
all right toaddy, another Batman fan. we finally get some intelligent reviewers talking on this sight instead of all of those idiots who always post stupid reviews. batman is awesome, end of story
B&M Rider on 1/22/2003 10:17:01 PM said:
From what Ive heard Deja Vu is fixed for the most part but it still breaks down. I dunno if thats the case but thats what Ive heard.
SFGA_fan on 1/22/2003 10:46:01 PM said:
Deja Vu still has a few problems, but overall its doing pretty good. There is usually about a five to ten minute delay every 2-3 hours.
mrceagle on 1/22/2003 11:15:20 PM said:
B&Ms rule I dont know of one that doesnt. Though I havent been on Deja veau or X. and Im not in any sort of rush.
toaddy on 1/23/2003 3:17:41 AM said:
The Georgia one might but the CA version is running nicely. But generates a 1-2 hour line. No matter the crowds. There is no way in hell this ride takes in 1,100 people per hour.
mrceagle on 1/23/2003 5:21:15 AM said:
Thats a majer problem with this shuttles. they have terable capacity. and the giant inverts have and even lower one then its smaller causins. whitch in average have 45min to 1 hour lines. They are very impresive but not the best thing for a siz flags park that has normaly high atendance. this would have been better for a park like Eliech Gardins, grat escape, Enchanterd Village, SF propertys that ned a majer ride to draw attendance but still wouldnt get the enormas number of MM,OG, SFGAm was probubly the best desision on istaling this ride.
DemonRules on 1/23/2003 8:30:08 AM said:
if youre talking about dejavu, which i think you are, the line length has nothing to do with the ride, but more with the people running the ride, at least at GA. the people take forever to get everyone in and check their restraints. if they had any type of work ethic, the lines could be half as long
mrceagle on 1/23/2003 9:20:49 PM said:
Every shuttle I have seen loads slow. the op has to get out of the cage, check the restraints, then get back in the cage. and, the thing willnot move untill the op has shut the door and is presing the panick butten. From what I has herd the Geint Inverts have a lower capasity then the standard Boomerangs/invertigos. and I havent found one that when the que was full didnt take an hour or so to get on.
toaddy on 1/24/2003 2:06:02 PM said:
With these coasters there is a cage that keeps all of the people out. But the problem is with the 90 degree angle. First they have you put the seatbelt on which they come by and check.(this is what holds you on the angle) Then the OSTR comes down which you have to be checked again. Thats the problem 2 checks.
B&M Rider on 1/24/2003 3:49:55 PM said:
Not to mention theres only one train, whereas a 3-train operation would be much more efficient
mrceagle on 1/24/2003 4:06:15 PM said:
On a ride that complicated at minamum three ops should be runign the ride. the bigist problem is the design was ment for small parks. not SF, Disney, Universal, etc. parks with this attenndance need high capacity rides. not cheap trick attractons.
DemonRules on 1/25/2003 12:40:28 AM said:
lets just get some ops that actually look like theyre gonna try and do their job? at least at sfga, they could care less how much time it takes them to check restraints. i personally think they should be fired, because they suck. they look like their dead. they act like zombies and couldnt possibly move any slower. it aint the ride, # of cars, # of ops, its the laziness of the workers that kills this ride.
mrceagle on 1/25/2003 1:34:29 AM said:
Well thats because they dont pay their attendants worth a damn. they also bring in foregner that dont speak english so its not like they understude the training any ways. and you cant complain to them they dont understand.
m311ton on 1/25/2003 2:12:11 PM said:
mrceagle does make a good point though, as much as I like these rides and as good as they are, the slow loading time is a waste for a park like Six Flags. The exception would be if there are bigger, faster loading rides because they draw more riders opening up the lines for others. Wouldnt it be great if Deja Vu could be close to a walk on ride all the time?
DemonRules on 1/25/2003 3:50:44 PM said:
i agree, but the attendants at six flags, at least for deja vu, are all caucasian, and speak perfect english, theyre just lazy
mrceagle on 1/25/2003 10:04:59 PM said:
Maybe your isnt as much of a problem over their. but, in SFNE and Geat escape I always have that proble. SROS ran the intire year with only one train. The park had alot to do with this years problems.
SFGA_fan on 1/25/2003 10:56:16 PM said:
Six Flags does have the worst operators. At Cedar point the ride operators bust their butts to get the trains movin. Thats why Millenium forces line goes so fast. The train is only in the station for like a minute tops. Thats how all of Cedar points rides were. I found the same to be relatively be true at Disney parks also. SF just needs to get some people to operate their rides. Their rides themselves, for the most part, are resonably good.
mrceagle on 1/25/2003 11:55:42 PM said:
They just need to be pickyer abotthe peaple they higher. alsp they need to pay better. it is true you get what you pay for.
DemonRules on 1/26/2003 2:52:26 PM said:
well, they obviously aint getting paid too much......
mrceagle on 1/26/2003 7:34:18 PM said:
Unfortunaly I dont think they will ever get the point.
Sephiroth7 on 1/27/2003 1:42:50 AM said:
Well...Six Flags isnt known for its service, which makes me wonder HOW at one point it was rated #1 by our critics for Best Run Park! Anywayz...Six Flags also has more parks to maintain then any of the other companies mentioned. This does not excuse operating and maintaining your park poorly, but it could be main reason. And yes Deja Vue and X have HORRIBLE lines, yet I tend to think its more how the ride was designed, then the ride operators...
mrceagle on 1/27/2003 1:50:23 AM said:
3 thing: 1, they could have set up the ride lines so they couls exead say 1.5 hours. 2, they need to let some parks go. they have a number of parks that thay own and spend no money keping up. the removal of theos parks would alow them to shift operational budgets to other parks. higher better employess, and add attractions were needed. and 3, build less. I would have gone to SFNE weather they added batman or not. they spend too much money updating too fast and cnt make up the money. infact SF is in dept, which is one reason why thier stock is so low.
toaddy on 1/27/2003 8:23:10 PM said:
I agree about selling the parks. And all that about paying the employees more. As long as they dont try and make me feel all good like Disney employees do. Talk about GAY. I was at DCA and the attendant for their weak tower was counting down. My g/f wanted to slap her.lol. So did I, now that I think of it. Pay them more but dont make them completely change. Get them to move the linese faster without uttering a word to me.
mrceagle on 1/28/2003 10:48:37 PM said:
True the attendants at Disney are overly upbeat somes times. but they I dont they the anywere else I was ever told a ride was closed so inthusiasticly as I was at the animal kingdom.
DemonRules on 1/29/2003 8:29:50 AM said:
but wouldnt you rather have some over caffeinated workers who get you on and off as fast as possible, even if they are annoying. it would be a heck of a lot better than a bunch of lazy bums who could care less about what they are doing
toaddy on 1/29/2003 3:45:42 PM said:
Get them to move the linese faster without uttering a word to me.

I just said that. Do your job but dont talk to me.
mrceagle on 1/29/2003 8:16:57 PM said:
Whats wrong with them talking to you. I personaly dont mind it.
DemonRules on 1/29/2003 9:00:43 PM said:
if theyre gonna talk and still do their job, i dont care, but if they stop what theyre doing, then we got a problem
mrceagle on 1/29/2003 10:25:14 PM said:
I can agre with that.
m311ton on 1/29/2003 11:46:15 PM said:
I like to interact with ride operators and very often you become friends by the end of the day. Between Disney and Six Flags its about the same, as long as you dont piss them off you can really have a good time with them. In general I wouldnt say one staff is nicer than the other, but I have gotten into more debates with people at Disney.
DemonRules on 1/30/2003 8:35:48 AM said:
the people at magic kingdom are awesome, and they still perform their jobs. thats what a ride operator should be like. happy to have their job, not sulking about it, because they were the ones to go out and get the job
mrceagle on 1/30/2003 1:11:58 PM said:
Geting to know the operater can be great. one time at canobie teh op knew we were on the ride. this was on the materhors, she ran it through a double cercute. so the ride was like 15 minutes long.
DemonRules on 1/31/2003 8:35:12 AM said:
yup, there are many cool people to meet when waiting in line, or at the station, and many are very friendly, which they should be.
toaddy on 1/31/2003 2:17:06 PM said:
I dont like small talk. So thats probably why I disagree with you guys.
mrceagle on 1/31/2003 4:09:30 PM said:
why am I not suprised toaddy. you dont seam like the social type. I take it you bring a group and tlk t up with them all day.
DemonRules on 1/31/2003 4:45:36 PM said:
hey, going with a group of friends is the ultimate way to enjoy a day at a theme park. who else would you rather hang out with than your buds....your family??? going with friends is a blast, its not antisocial. why would you go by yourself? you go with friends, and then you can all talk to the ops. instead of just by yourself, then you just look like a loser.
mrceagle on 1/31/2003 5:28:02 PM said:
I never go by myself. the groups I go with range from 1-10 peaple. Im not counting anything through ACE. but when I go we still talk to the people in line and the operaters. get to know any one you can. we have even ran into afew peale later in the summer and ended up spendngthe day with them.
DemonRules on 2/1/2003 9:19:57 AM said:
i gotcha, but thats kinda what i said, i was just wondering why you were ripping on toaddy for going with friends
mrceagle on 2/1/2003 3:59:00 PM said:
he thinks its tarable to talk to the operaters of the ops to talk. maybe if his conversations invalved more then jut his freinds he may think deferantly. maybe he is toa point shy and he fils more comfertable talking to his friends. I more trying to say give it a chnce before you attack it.
Sephiroth7 on 2/1/2003 5:16:55 PM said:
NO WAY...Disney service is how ALL service should be. Yes it can be over the top, but thats just the "experience". SFGA service sucks, no two ways around it. Six Flags Great Adventure and Magic Mountain are great for what they offer....thrills. There is much more to service then being able to talk to the ride operators. Disney and even Universal excel in this departmant...
DemonRules on 2/2/2003 12:13:33 PM said:
Yes, I agree, disneys servicce blows six flags out of the water. but in response to mrceagle, i get what youre saying. there is nothing wrong with talking to an op who is doing his or her job correctly
mrceagle on 2/2/2003 5:16:09 PM said:
True Disney dose have the best ethic when it comes to customer satisfaction. the only places tht come close are thos family run parks.
toaddy on 2/3/2003 7:32:32 PM said:
Their food still sucks however. But then again everywhere I have been does. I wouldnt call that customer service.
condorman on 2/3/2003 11:01:30 PM said:
Disney food sucks??? are you crazy? you must be going to the wrong places homie because they definatly have some quality food establishments.
mrceagle on 2/3/2003 11:54:50 PM said:
Disney has good food. maybe not that good compared to Bucsh parks but still good.
Sephiroth7 on 2/3/2003 11:54:53 PM said:
Well in response to "toaddy", it depends where you eat. U can get burgers and fries, or you can go to Cinderellas Royal Table (which has some of the best steak I have ever tasted). Or what about Epcot? Or Paradise Island? I cant even begin to list the quality restaurants in WDW.
mrceagle on 2/4/2003 12:04:16 AM said:
For good food at a resanable price at Magic Kingdom try the Cristal Palic.
DemonRules on 2/4/2003 8:25:32 AM said:
there are many good places to get food at Disney, especially at epcot. if youre only gettting a burger or something it probably wont be too good, but if you go to one of the restaurants, the food can be quite good
mrceagle on 2/4/2003 7:59:36 PM said:
I always grab a snack at the Cafe next to the fountain, then watch the fountain as I eat my snack. then I try to grab dinner somplace in the world shocase.
toaddy on 2/5/2003 4:17:50 PM said:
For the price however I should be getting better. And Im talking actual sit down restaurants. They take too long and I have to get in as many rides as possible. So the Burger/pizza place fast stuff is all I eat. Im not about to waste an hour for a menue item when I can get my food and eat it in 15 min.
DemonRules on 2/5/2003 5:06:48 PM said:
enough on food, this was once about batman
mrceagle on 2/5/2003 9:30:40 PM said:
Even batman has to eat.
DemonRules on 2/6/2003 8:30:12 AM said:
lol, yeah, true, but this is getting a little crazy. the food is usually good, end of story. at least none of us are eating out of the garbage like orbitking.....
DmctNY8 on 2/6/2003 1:54:52 PM said:
Why cant somebody boot Orbitking.
B&M Rider on 2/6/2003 3:30:18 PM said:
I wonder the same thing...
mrceagle on 2/6/2003 5:41:07 PM said:
he cant be remaved unsid he bracks the rules. but as fare as batman gose it was a great start to a coaster legasy.
Sephiroth7 on 2/6/2003 6:41:10 PM said:
Heh....thats the good part about ride review forums...they can lead anywhere....Popeye anyone?
mrceagle on 2/6/2003 11:11:33 PM said:
I hope you dont mean the fast food place. they had the worst food you could ever emagin.
DmctNY8 on 2/6/2003 11:35:24 PM said:
Actully there is a very old Popeye kiddie ride at Trimpers Ammusments in Ocean City Md.
Sephiroth7 on 2/7/2003 2:07:41 AM said:
Hehe...its GOOD u dont have a clue about what I am talking about...so il shut up!
DmctNY8 on 2/7/2003 11:52:07 AM said:
Are you talking to me?
toaddy on 2/7/2003 1:58:39 PM said:
I have nothing to say. So Ill say nothing.lol.
m311ton on 2/7/2003 4:36:30 PM said:
POPEYES has the greatest chicken and biscuits you can get hands down. (Although I dont think thats what you were talking about, I just had to throw that in there)
DemonRules on 2/7/2003 6:09:08 PM said:
whatever, i dont know about you, but i think popeyes is gross. every time i eat there i find tumors in my chicken.....anyways, yeah, batman rules, and doesnt get nearly enough respect.
DmctNY8 on 2/7/2003 9:08:54 PM said:
Why does no one know nothing about the Popeye ride at Trimpers? Does anyone know if this had a former theme?
B&M Rider on 2/7/2003 10:35:53 PM said:
Uy vey...
mrceagle on 2/7/2003 10:37:48 PM said:
Popeyes chicken is gross, KFC is a close second heck Kenny Rogers roticery chicken was beter. I prefer Long john Silvers. but their arent any around here.
Sephiroth7 on 2/7/2003 10:46:59 PM said:
DemonRules on 2/7/2003 10:55:29 PM said:
the best we can come up with is chicken?
DmctNY8 on 2/8/2003 11:20:25 AM said:
I think the ride is better than the chicken, fits more with the theme of thos site.
Sephiroth7 on 2/8/2003 2:49:24 PM said:
Yea, everything tastes just like chicken. Not all coasters taste like chicken, only some. You see what Im gettin at here?
mrceagle on 2/8/2003 6:32:57 PM said:
And they dont always make you want to hurl.
DemonRules on 2/8/2003 7:03:21 PM said:
plus, they dont have tumors
DmctNY8 on 2/8/2003 7:54:53 PM said:
This is funny but seriously, does anyone know anthing about the ride Im describing?
Sephiroth7 on 2/8/2003 8:57:23 PM said:
DmctNY8 on 2/8/2003 11:07:44 PM said:
The ride I believe is older than the Popye catoons.
mrceagle on 2/9/2003 12:09:08 AM said:
No dont know. in my travils I have never come across a Popye ride other then IOA.
DmctNY8 on 2/9/2003 12:10:05 AM said:
It is just a small kiddie ride at Trimpers.
mrceagle on 2/9/2003 12:56:44 AM said:
i just looked on ther site it dosnt look like they have it anymore or they changed the name.
DmctNY8 on 2/9/2003 9:44:37 AM said:
I was there last summer and the ride was still there so I dunno. The ride is open year round because it is indoors and the indoor section is open every weekend during the year.
mrceagle on 2/9/2003 5:06:24 PM said:
Its posible they dont have it on the site. who knows, maybe their tryig to keep it a secrate.
DmctNY8 on 2/9/2003 5:22:29 PM said:
Why would they want to keep an 80 year old ride a secret?
mrceagle on 2/9/2003 5:28:31 PM said:
spend your space wisly talke about the newer rides that bring hem into the park. stick to what will get you into the park.
DmctNY8 on 2/9/2003 5:32:10 PM said:
Its probably not there because it is just a small kiddie ride.
mrceagle on 2/9/2003 9:23:36 PM said:
probubly it had a space saying they have lots of rides for the little ones or somthing like that.
DmctNY8 on 2/9/2003 10:46:05 PM said:
They do the park is 1/2 kiddie rides and 1/2 chance rides + a boomerang coaster and a huanted house.
mrceagle on 2/9/2003 11:09:02 PM said:
They have a great Carausel. its in great condition.
DmctNY8 on 2/9/2003 11:50:01 PM said:
Yeah the carosel is great it has a lot of animals (like chickens) not found on most carosels.
mrceagle on 2/10/2003 12:44:49 AM said:
its great to see those older managerys. the Carausel at Whalom had sea dragons.
Sephiroth7 on 2/10/2003 1:34:52 AM said:
U guys should get AIM
mrceagle on 2/10/2003 1:46:43 AM said:
Whats the fun in that.
DmctNY8 on 2/10/2003 11:47:27 AM said:
Yeah if we talk on AIM the world cant benifit from our discussion.
mrceagle on 2/10/2003 1:35:41 PM said:
lets change the world one post at a time.
toaddy on 2/10/2003 2:40:52 PM said:
I have AIM. I havnt used it in about 6 months, but I have it. Theres always way too many people on that you just dont want to talk to.lol. Ill just call my friends on the phone thank you very much.
mrceagle on 2/10/2003 2:45:03 PM said:
i dont like AIM, its nothing but truble and I dont go back and check what I wrote so me messages are worse then hear. Ill stick to the forums.
Sephiroth7 on 2/10/2003 3:25:40 PM said:
Lol...now its a discussion about liking or disliking AIM...this is funny...
B&M Rider on 2/10/2003 3:30:02 PM said:
AIM rocks, if you dont like a person you can just block them.
DmctNY8 on 2/10/2003 5:11:41 PM said:
I like using the forums or review comments when talking about coasters. I use AIM though daily.
mrceagle on 2/10/2003 7:36:55 PM said:
Im do nothig but clog up sever space at schools and the hole if you dont like them block then out thing is tarable. if you not happy just get rid of it and find smthing out attitude. thry working things out. besides what would this forums be without the fights and the acasional moron.
condorman on 2/10/2003 9:45:35 PM said:
yeah im with Sephiroth on this one.....whats this site called???....oh yeah theme park critic, you guys arent really criticing anything youre just dicking around
mrceagle on 2/10/2003 11:10:02 PM said:
only after Sephiroths post at 103 before that we were talking about parks.
DemonRules on 2/11/2003 8:16:53 AM said:
well then hows about we get back to that. Batman is a great ride, and I dare someone to tell me that it isnt
Sephiroth7 on 2/11/2003 2:13:30 PM said:
DemonRules on 2/11/2003 4:53:47 PM said:
this really is getting stupid
mrceagle on 2/11/2003 6:20:27 PM said:
I Never said it was bad its a great coaster. but your right 118 posts is high.
DemonRules on 2/12/2003 8:19:20 AM said:
most of them didnt even include talks about Batman either
toaddy on 2/12/2003 2:03:05 PM said:
lol. I find it funny. I think were all in agreeance that Uranium is bogus reviewer.
DemonRules on 2/12/2003 4:59:40 PM said:
definitly, hes a whiner. just because a ride breaks down doesnt mean that it sucks, and we all know that batman is alot better than he makes it seem
DemonRules on 2/12/2003 8:55:08 PM said:
i actually agree, he has a really gay name, and ive told him to change it, but he doesnt listen. the reason he says all that stuff all the time is that he is a very confrontational person, and will argue everything, hes just trying to start another argument
mrceagle on 2/13/2003 12:52:20 PM said:
as far as Uranium gos yes sometimes his revews look bogas, but their arnt enuf of them to tell. nyway what hapond to the posts are to high we should end it.
XtremeFan8 on 2/13/2003 5:10:28 PM said:
Ill be the 125th comment!
DemonRules on 2/13/2003 10:20:54 PM said:
and im number 126!!! woohoo!!
XtremeFan8 on 2/14/2003 2:43:44 PM said:
Lets not copy my style now......
toaddy on 2/14/2003 2:52:32 PM said:
This needs to be closed.
DemonRules on 2/14/2003 4:28:33 PM said:
lol, my bad. this is just ridiculous how long weve been able to go on without talking about anything.
B&M Fan on 2/14/2003 4:31:22 PM said:
This ride has very comfortable seats, but the ride in entirity is pretty lousy. The turns have too many gs and its a little on the rough side. Great first drop and the loop has insane vertical gs. But everything after that is too intense. Time to tear this one down and build a new hanging.
B&M Fan on 2/14/2003 4:33:12 PM said:
And it is not broke down that much. Every time ive been there it has run all day. Nitro has some problems with the lift hill though. It gets stuck there a lot.
DemonRules on 2/15/2003 11:16:52 AM said:
i once got stuck at the top of the lift hill for 45 minutes, but other than that i have never had a bad experience with this ride, and it is definitly one of my favorites
XtremeFan8 on 2/15/2003 3:36:46 PM said:
#133 right here!
DemonRules on 2/15/2003 6:42:37 PM said:
good for you xtremefan8
SFGA_fan on 2/15/2003 6:54:59 PM said:
B&M Fan, Im not sure I understand your comment about tearing this ride down. The ride still has a line every time you visit. If people still like it, me being one of them, I dont see the reasoning in tearing it down. If anything should be torn down it should be Iron Wolf.
B&M Rider on 2/15/2003 11:23:33 PM said:
Why tear an intense ride down? For a B&M to be "too" intense is a rarity.
XtremeFan8 on 2/16/2003 1:42:10 PM said:
DemonRules on 2/16/2003 2:35:11 PM said:
i think he means condorman, but anyways, this ride is great, it certainly isnt too intense, and i agree with sfga_fan, iron wolf should be the next one to go
XtremeFan8 on 2/16/2003 5:57:50 PM said:
Or, it is a lot more disgusting. Although safe sex is important!
DemonRules on 2/16/2003 10:25:32 PM said:
just look at what these comments have come to....lol
XtremeFan8 on 2/16/2003 11:21:45 PM said:
Hey, this site is fun! And I think the comments reflect that!
ThmPrkCrtc on 2/16/2003 11:29:27 PM said:
Last post!
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