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 Review of Bayern Kurve @ Kennywood
-1 Rating Posted by: Vanessa on 10/24/2002 7:20:00 PM
I hate this ride, and cant believe that Kennywood brought it back. (Kennywood had removed this ride for quite awhile.) This ride entered Kennywood, and other parks under different names, in the 70s. Park owners keep slowing this ride down as people were falling out of it, and getting killed! To my knowledge, no one fell out and got killed at Kennywood - not even me, but I felt like I was going to - and at the time, I hadnt heard that people were getting killed on this, or I wouldnt have gone on it. What the problem with this ride was: It didnt need slowed down. What it needed, and may still need, was better rider restraints. If theyve gotten those, then it should be fine now. However, I felt like I was holding on for dear life when I rode this.

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PhantomNik on 10/25/2002 11:37:35 AM said:
When exactly did you ride this? Ive been on it numerous times and this ride is not unsafe! The restraints are fine, you just have to tighten the seat belt! Now, if you dont you may slide around some, but you wont fall out!! Frankly, I cant say Ive heard of all these falling out deaths, but who knows. I do know for a fact that Kennywood has had no problems with this ride. So, I guess my point is that unless youve ridden it recently and properly used the restraints, then I dont think your review of a 1 is justified (sorry). Further, I dont really think it is right to review a ride based on what "incidents" have happened on other rides of the same type. Has anyone fallen out of this ride at Kennywood? No. If you didnt like the ride thats one thing, but dont judge this one based on the unfortunate circumstances that may have happened on others. Nothing personal, really, I just dont think that the 1 you gave is fair.
Vanessa on 10/25/2002 6:33:17 PM said:
Hi PhantomNik!
What seatbelt? When I rode this, there was no seatbelt. Only a little flimsy, rubber link type of restraint, and I use the word "restraint" loosely. The restraint was about 5 inches away from me. Apparently, they have changed it since then.
PhantomNik on 10/28/2002 1:05:53 PM said:
Hi Vanessa! Ya, seriously, there is indeed a seat belt to use now, and it helps a good deal. You know, I thought about it and I do remember riding one at a carnival that had NO seat belts and it did feel like I was gonna fall out! But yes, the one at Kennywood has had seat belts for some time now, I guess it didnt several years ago (I assume its been awhile since you rode it?). Anyway....what are we gonna do about that rating?!? Honestly, maybe give it like a 5 until you have a chance to ride it again with the improved restraints? Just a thought to keep things fair.....(What can I say, I gotta defend my home park and its rides!!). The ride is improved though, trust me!
Vanessa on 10/28/2002 7:22:55 PM said:
Hi PhantomNik!
I know what you mean, its my home park too! By the way, I saw your review on the Enterprise, and I agree with that 100%. That is a fun ride! Yes, the last time I was at Kennywood, it wasnt working then either! If you say "Kurve" now has seatbelts, thats great! Even so though, I dont plan on getting on that ride again! Ever!
PhantomNik on 10/29/2002 12:59:29 PM said:
Hey there Vanessa! I cant say that I blame you one bit after the experience you had on it! That would not be fun at all!! So, Kennywood is your home park too? That rocks!! 8) I wouldve never guessed that, since your profile says youre from Florida! Whens the last time you were there? I hope youve had better ride experiences on the rest of K-Woods rides!! Did you make it to Phantom Fright Nights? Have you had a chance to ride the unbelievable Phantoms Revenge? (it is sooooo cool! ) I must say, by the way, that your reviews are awesome! Very descriptive - I like it when people actually give reasons to back up their reviews.....like you did for this ride!
Vanessa on 10/31/2002 4:19:28 PM said:
Hi PhantomNik!
Yes, Pittsburgh is my original stomping grounds. However, I moved here in 89 and am proud to call Orlando home. We hardly ever get back to the "Burg" unfortunately. So I havens got to ride "Revenge", or the other one - "The Steel Phantom". And now I understand "Phantom" is no more.
it looked like a good one, but so does "Revenge." My favorite coaster here is the "Hulk" - love that coaster! I think its amazing that anyone ever gets to ride Enterprise at all, since it breaks down so much! I know the last time we were at Kennywood, it was broken down. Great ride when its running!
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