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 Review of Jurrasic Park River Adventure @ Islands of Adventure
2 Rating Posted by: tornbretto on 10/12/2002 8:57:00 AM
This Is An Awesome Ride So High In Technology It Is Fun. Whe You Start Out You Go Up A 5 foot hill then drop. Then The Ride Starts The Guy Is Saying.Then Our Guide Starts Saying"The River Flows Through a Newborn World Where Giants Walked The Earth.Welcome To Jurassic Park". Then The Gates Open And You Go Through Them you pass by a creature that poses no harm to us that Is Ultrasaurus in Ultrasaur Lagoon then to your right ther are baby dinosaurs as well as thre mom then you float through a cave tunnel and you float on into Stegasaur Springs This Is Awesome They Are On This Rock and your Boat Goes Right By That Rock.Then You Float Into Hadrosaur Cove And One Sneezes On You As You Pass It Then One Knocks You Of path Into Raptor Containment Area where another tour boat like ours has crashed into a wall and 2 baby Dilophosauruss Try To Where Out A Piece Of Clothing From The People In That Boat Then You Turn And There Is A Box Thet Is Labeled... Transporting Unit LIVE Raptor then it falls and almost hits you on the head then you go up a 85 foot hill wit lights still flashing for warning like when you entered the containment area then you go down a littile drop of about 3 feet then you start going through then on your left There IsA Velociraptor that broke glass and it wants to eat..eat you. This Is Not The Only Time You Will see raptors there are alot of them in the building. Then The Raptors Are Slashing Through Metal And You can see the claw marks then Dilophosauruss This TimeAdults Start Spitting At You An You Might Get Hit In The Eye Or Something then you turn then at the end of the building there is a Tyranosaurus Rex it almost bites and kills you but you are saved by a 83 foot drop in toatal darkness it is almost sheer vertical into a huge splash.

A Definate 10 Ride It Takes You Through Jurassic Park. Its Awesome. Ride It At Universal Studios Islands Of Adventure

By Bretten Bailey 10 years old
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