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 Review of Boat Chute @ Lake Winnepesaukah Amusement Park
0 Rating Posted by: BigJohnWC on 8/20/2002 1:59:00 PM
Great classic ride, the history behind it is very fun and interesting. This is actually more like an old tunnel of love with a flume style ending, the ride itself predates the modern log flume ride. I have yet to be on the ride and not here the children behind me scared out of their wits at the long dark tunnel and the creeks and bangs made from within. The drop is decent, not overly steap or tall, but the lack of water on the hill adds to the thrill of it all. The final lake splashdown is great. Often, the ride op will specifically load the ride with the weight in the right places to ensure for maximum wetness.

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adriahna on 9/25/2003 4:59:27 PM said:
No kidding - its hard to tell if its insurance concerns or what, but there just arent anywhere near enough dark rides as there should be. Maybe so many parks are just focused on coasters and what-not - either way, its a real shame.
Cyclonic on 12/9/2003 9:56:32 PM said:
I miss Journey as well, it was a cool ride. I think it may have been the last of the PTC mill chutes left, which is a shame since it was once so common.
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