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 Review of Wicked Twister @ Cedar Point
0 Rating Posted by: Alfungus on 7/28/2002 7:21:00 PM
The wicket twister. mmmm. I enjoyed this ride alot. What we did was we got that like stamp thing so we would ride it and then go back and get at the front of the line again. We only did it for this ride becuase it was over in like 30 seconds but it was defenitely awesome whilst riding it. Im all for acceleration and that was cool in itself the the whole weightlessness thing it had going and what not made for a good time.

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mel on 8/30/2003 11:49:18 PM said:
What do you mean? Have seen the Dragster? Millenium Force will never touch Top Thrill Dragster!
bb_dg on 8/30/2003 11:52:21 PM said:
look at the date on the review
Alfungus on 11/22/2003 7:39:57 PM said:
yeah damn cedar point for making a bigger ride. now i have to go back again to ride it
tacoking on 11/23/2003 12:43:34 AM said:
MF holds its own against TTD. Both are excellent rides.
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