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 Review of Tower of Terror @ Disney-MGM Studios
0 Rating Posted by: RC rider on 4/15/2002 9:59:00 PM
The ride is great, but the only thing I dont like about it, is the fact that it doesnt give you enough time when you go up, to look oput and see how high it really is, its like a blur, but for the rest it is awesome. I heard that they (Disney) is adding a few floors to it. Is it true??

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Sephiroth7 on 4/16/2002 12:10:55 PM said:
Probably a rumor, but I know they change the drop sequences all the time...
RC rider on 4/16/2002 6:04:53 PM said:
The drop sequence is true, but nowadays it is at random, it can go up to 5 times, like the time i got on it.
mrceagle on 4/17/2002 8:43:41 AM said:
in order to add a few foors they would have to shut the ride down. drop secuences and extra effects are the most likly changes.
RC rider on 4/17/2002 4:14:53 PM said:
Hey, i am only saying what i heard i mean hey if its not true then oh well.
Sephiroth7 on 4/17/2002 8:23:01 PM said:
Yes...and we are answering your question We doubt it...
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