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User Top Rides

Rank Ride Name Park Name TPC Rating TPC Rank
1. Alpine Bobsled The Great Escape 3.4706 -
2. Dragon Coaster Playland Amusement Park 3.5000 295
3. Whip Playland Amusement Park 4.6154 -
4. Balloon Race The Great Escape 4.0000 -
5. Mind Scrambler Playland Amusement Park 3.2000 -
6. Sooperdooperlooper Hersheypark 3.4219 323
7. Raging River The Great Escape 4.2222 -
8. Trabant The Great Escape 3.2857 -
18. Haunted Mansion, The Magic Kingdom 4.2422 103
18. Star Tours Disney-MGM Studios 3.4891 302

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Dutch Wonderland Log Flume
Funtown Pier Giant WheelHaunted Manor
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Magic Kingdom Big Thunder MountainCarousel of ProgressDumbo the Flying ElephantHaunted Mansion, The User Ranked #18 User ReviewedIts A Small WorldJungle CruisePeter Pans FlightPirates of the CaribbeanSwiss Family TreehouseWalt Disney World Railroad
Playland Amusement Park Auto ScooterBig WheelCarouselDragon Coaster User Ranked #2 User ReviewedDream MachineFlying WitchHouse of MirrorsKiddy CoasterLog FlumeMind Scrambler User Ranked #5 User ReviewedPlayland ExpressWhip User Ranked #3 User ReviewedWipeout User ReviewedYe Old MillZombie Castle User Reviewed
Quassy Amusement Park CarouselLittle DipperTilt-A-WhirlTrain
Sea-World Florida Intensity Ski ShowPenquin EncounterShamu AdventureTerrors of the DeepWild Arctic User Reviewed
Six Flags New England Blizzard RiverCatwomans WhipScrambler
The Great Escape Alice in Wonderland User ReviewedAlpine Bobsled User Ranked #1 User ReviewedBalloon Ferris WheelBalloon Race User Ranked #4 User ReviewedBumper CarsCannonball Express User ReviewedCanyon Blaster User ReviewedCarousel User ReviewedCondor User ReviewedDesperado Plunge User ReviewedFlying Trapeze User ReviewedGiant WheelJungleland User ReviewedMagical Mystery Tour User ReviewedRaging River User Ranked #7 User ReviewedSky RideStorytown Train User ReviewedSwan Boats User ReviewedThunder Alley User ReviewedTrabant User Ranked #8 User Reviewed
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