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User Name: Condor37
Member Since: 7/4/2005 7:07:00 PM
Home Town: duanse burg, NY
Account Status: Verified User
User Tag: Coaster Critic (Total Posts:25)
Reviews Posted: 20
Reviews Rating Received: 3 Good - 10 Bad
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Biography: I have been wanting to design coasters ever since i was 5 and saw the steamin demon at the great escape & splash water kingdom,(my home park). I LOVE COASTERS!
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User Top Rides

Rank Ride Name Park Name TPC Rating TPC Rank
1. Bizzaro Six Flags New England 4.8110 6
2. Ride of Steel Darien Lake 4.5000 40
3. Batman The Dark Knight Six Flags New England 3.7742 224
4. The Comet The Great Escape 4.5581 32
5. Viper Darien Lake 3.5484 281
6. Screamin Eagle Seabreeze Amusement Park 3.7500 -
7. Steamin Demon The Great Escape 3.2222 377
8. Jack Rabbit Seabreeze Amusement Park 3.6364 -
9. Buzzsaw Six Flags New England 3.5000 -
10. Cyclone Six Flags New England 3.7931 220

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Disney Quest Invasion Alien EncounterPirates of the CaribbeanRide the ComixVirtual Space Mountain
Disney-MGM Studios Backlot TourBear in the Big Blue HouseFantasmic!Honey, I Shrunk the KidsIndiana Jones Stunt SpectacularRockn Roller CoasterStar ToursTower of Terror User Reviewed
Magic Kingdom Astro OrbitorBig Thunder MountainBuzz Lightyears Space Ranger SpinCarousel of ProgressEnchanted Tiki RoomExterrorestrial Alien EncounterGoofys BarnstormerHall of Presidents, TheHaunted Mansion, TheIts A Small WorldLegend of the Lion KingPeter Pans FlightPirates of the CaribbeanSpace MountainSplash MountainTommorow Land SpeedwayTommorow Land Transit AuthorityWhinnie the Poos Many Adv
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Six Flags New England Batman The Dark Knight User Ranked #3Bizzaro User Ranked #1 User ReviewedBlizzard RiverBuzzsaw User Ranked #9 User ReviewedCatapultCatwomans WhipChaosColossusCrime WaveCyclone User Ranked #10Double TroubleHoudini - The Great EscapeJokers WildcardMind Eraser, TheScream!Shipwreck FallsSpiderThunderboltTime WarpTomahawk
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