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User Name: Gandhet1
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User Top Rides

Rank Ride Name Park Name TPC Rating TPC Rank
1. Bizarro Six Flags Great Adventure 4.4889 44
2. Nitro Six Flags Great Adventure 4.6708 19
3. Superman: Ultimate Flight Six Flags Great Adventure 3.6721 248
4. Tower of Fear Funtown Pier 3.8750 -
5. Great Bear Hersheypark 4.0000 162
6. Lightning Racer Hersheypark 4.4314 61
7. Great White, The Moreys Piers 4.1429 132
8. Batman The Ride Six Flags Great Adventure 3.8462 209
9. Stuntmans Freefall Six Flags Great Adventure 3.7091 234
18. Looping Coaster Funtown Pier 3.2143 -

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Casino Pier CentrifugeMoby DickStar JetStillwalk ManorWild MouseWizards Cavern
Funtown Pier Haunted Manor User ReviewedLooping Coaster User Ranked #18 User ReviewedStarship 3000 User ReviewedTower of Fear User Ranked #4 User Reviewed
Hersheypark CometGreat Bear User Ranked #5Kissing TowerLightning Racer User Ranked #6SidewinderSooperdooperlooperWild Cat
Moreys Piers Great NorEaster, The User ReviewedGreat White, The User Ranked #7 User Reviewed
Six Flags Great Adventure Batman The Ride User Ranked #8 User ReviewedBizarro User Ranked #1 User ReviewedGreat American Scream Machine User ReviewedNitro User Ranked #2 User ReviewedStuntmans Freefall User Ranked #9Superman: Ultimate Flight User Ranked #3 User Reviewed
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