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User Top Rides

Rank Ride Name Park Name TPC Rating TPC Rank
1. Magnum XL-200 Cedar Point 4.3704 78
2. Ride of Steel Darien Lake 4.5000 40
3. Phoenix Knoebels 4.8052 8
4. The Comet The Great Escape 4.5581 32
5. Millennium Force Cedar Point 4.8327 5
6. Mindbender Galaxyland 4.0000 -
7. Pippen/Thunderbolt Kennywood 4.2540 99
8. Jack Rabbit Kennywood 4.0806 147
9. Great Bear Hersheypark 4.0000 162
10. Tower of Terror Disney-MGM Studios 4.6476 22

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Animal Kingdom Cretaceous TrailDinosaurFestival of the Lion KingIts Tough to Be a Bug!Kali River RapidsKillimanjaro SafarisPangani Forest Exploration TrailPocahontas and Her Forest FriendsTarzan™ Rocks!Wildlife Express
Cedar Point Blue StreakCedar Creek Mine RideCorkscrewDemon DropDisaster TransportGeminiGiant WheelIron DragonMagnum XL-200 User Ranked #1MantisMean StreakMillennium Force User Ranked #5 User ReviewedPower TowerRaptorThunder CanyonWicked TwisterWildCatWoodstock Express
Darien Lake BoomerangMind Eraser, ThePredator, The User ReviewedRide of Steel User Ranked #2ScramblerViper
Disney-MGM Studios Backlot TourBear in the Big Blue HouseBeauty and the BeastFantasmic!Great Movie Ride, TheHoney, I Shrunk the KidsIndiana Jones Stunt SpectacularMuppet Vision 4-DRockn Roller CoasterSounds DangerousStar ToursTower of Terror User Ranked #10Who Wants To Be A Millioniare
Dorney Park HerculesLaserSteel ForceTalonThunderhawkWild Mouse
EPCOT Body WarsCircle of Life, TheCranium CommandEl Rio Del TiempoFood RocksHoney, I Shrunk the AudienceIlluminationsInnoventionsJourney Into ImaginationLiving Seas, TheLiving With the LandMaelstromOCanada!Space Ship EarthTest TrackUniverse of EnergyWonders of China
Galaxyland Autosled User ReviewedDrop of DoomMindbender User Ranked #6 User Reviewed
Hersheypark Coal CrackerCometDry Gulch RailroadGreat Bear User Ranked #9Hersheys Chocolate WorldLightning RacerRoller SoakerSidewinderSooperdooperlooperTidal ForceTrailblazerWild CatWild Mouse
Kennywood Exterminator, TheFlying CarpetJack Rabbit User Ranked #8Noahs ArkOld Mill, TheOlde Kennywood RailroadPhantoms RevengePippen/Thunderbolt User Ranked #7Racer, TheTurnpikeTurtleWave SwingerWhip
Knoebels 1001 NachtsFlyerGalleonGiant WheelHaunted MansionHigh Speed Thrill CoasterPhoenix User Ranked #3Pioneer TrainRockin TugTilt-a-WhirlTwisterWhipperWhirlwind
La Ronde Auto TamponneusesBoomerangCobraCondorDiabloDisco RondeDragonMaelstromMarche du Mille-pattesMinirailMonstre User ReviewedMoulin de la SorcièreOrbitePalais des GlacesToboggan NordiqueTornadeTwisterVampire User ReviewedVertigo
Magic Kingdom Astro OrbitorBig Thunder MountainBuzz Lightyears Space Ranger SpinCarousel of ProgressCountry Bear JamboreeDumbo the Flying ElephantEnchanted Tiki RoomExterrorestrial Alien EncounterHaunted Mansion, TheIts A Small WorldJungle CruiseLegend of the Lion KingLiberty Belle RiverboatMike Fink Keel BoatsPeter Pans FlightPirates of the CaribbeanSnow Whites Scary AdventuresSpace MountainSplash MountainSwiss Family TreehouseTime Keeper, TheWalt Disney World RailroadWhinnie the Poos Many Adv
The Great Escape Alpine BobsledBoomerangBumper CarsNightmare At Crack Axle CanyonRaging RiverRainbowSteamin DemonThe Comet User Ranked #4
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