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EPCOT Body Wars User ReviewedEl Rio Del Tiempo User ReviewedFood Rocks User ReviewedHoney, I Shrunk the Audience User ReviewedJourney Into Imagination User ReviewedLiving Seas, The User ReviewedLiving With the Land User ReviewedMaelstrom User ReviewedSpace Ship Earth User ReviewedTest Track User Reviewed
Hersheypark Comet User ReviewedGreat Bear User ReviewedHersheys Chocolate World User ReviewedLightning Racer User Ranked #10 User ReviewedSooperdooperlooper User ReviewedTidal Force User ReviewedWild Cat User ReviewedWild Mouse User Reviewed
Islands of Adventure Adventures of Spiderman User ReviewedDoctor Dooms Fearfall User ReviewedIncredible Hulk Coaster User Ranked #8 User ReviewedJurrasic Park River Adventure User ReviewedRipsaw Falls User ReviewedThe Cat In the Hat User ReviewedTriwizard Tournament - Hungarian Horntail (Blue) User Reviewed
Six Flags Great Adventure Batman and Robin: The Chiller User Ranked #1 User ReviewedBatman The Ride User Ranked #9 User ReviewedBizarroGreat American Scream Machine User ReviewedNitro User Ranked #2 User ReviewedRolling Thunder User ReviewedSkull Mountain User ReviewedStuntmans Freefall User ReviewedSuperman: Ultimate Flight User Ranked #7 User ReviewedViper User Reviewed
Six Flags New England Batman The Dark Knight User ReviewedBizzaro User Ranked #5 User ReviewedBlizzard River User ReviewedCyclone User ReviewedFlashback User ReviewedMind Eraser, The User ReviewedScream! User ReviewedThunderbolt User Reviewed
Universal Studios Florida Back to the Future User ReviewedE.T. Adventure User ReviewedEarthquake - The Big One User ReviewedFuntastic World of Hanna-Barbera User ReviewedJawsKongfrontationMen In Black Alien AttackTwister
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