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Canadas Wonderland CliffhangerDragon Fire User ReviewedDrop Zone Stunt TowerSilver StreakSky RiderStan Lees 7th Portal User ReviewedThe BatThe FlyThunder RunTimberwolf FallsTop Gun User ReviewedVortex User ReviewedWhite Water CanyonWild Beast User Reviewed
Darien Lake BoomerangGrizzly RunMind Eraser, ThePredator, TheRide of Steel User Ranked #5Viper
Islands of Adventure Adventures of Spiderman User ReviewedDoctor Dooms FearfallEight Voyage of SinbadFlight of the HippogriffIncredible Hulk CoasterPoseidons FuryPteranodon FlyersRipsaw FallsStorm Force AcceletronTriceratops EncounterTriwizard Tournament - Chinese Fireball (Red)Triwizard Tournament - Hungarian Horntail (Blue)Xtreme Xventure User Reviewed
Kings Island Adventure ExpressCongo FallsDrop ZoneEiffel TowerFace/OffFlight of FearJames Bond 007 License to ThrillKing CobraSon of BeastStan Lees 7th PortalThe Beast User Ranked #9The RacerTop GunViking FuryVortexWhitewater Canyon
Knotts Berry Farm Bigfoot RapidsBoomerangCalico Mine RideDragon SwingGhostRiderGran SlammerHammerHeadJaguar!Montezoomas RevengePerilous PlungeSupreme ScreamTampico TumblerTimber Mountain Log Ride
Myrtle Beach Attractions Mayhem ManorRipleys Motion Master
Myrtle Beach Pavilion CorkscrewHurricaneHyrdosurgeMad Mouse
Old Town Windstorm User Reviewed
The Great Escape Alpine BobsledBoomerangCondorDesperado PlungeSteamin DemonThe Comet
Universal Studios Florida Animal Planet LiveBack to the FutureE.T. AdventureEarthquake - The Big OneGory, Gruesome and Grotesque Horror Make-up ShowJawsKongfrontationMen In Black Alien AttackTerminator 2: 3-D Battle Across TimeTwisterWild Wild Wild West Stunt Show
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