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 Review of Raging Rapids @ Holiday World
-1 Rating Posted by: Mandi0715 on 8/3/2004 1:53:00 PM
Im really not a big fan of this type of water ride. Maybe its because i dont like getting completely soaked or maybe its because the first time i rode it my brother told be a bear lived in the first really dark tunnel. I still have to ride it everytime i come to this park. It just draws you to it! The themeing is pretty cool. Im not sure what the theme is though. Im thinkin it has something to do with a ghost town..yes thats what it is. The funny thing is that my friend once rode it two years ago and when she got off and saw this big red button off to the side. Well i guess she got tempted to press it so she went and pressed it to see what it would do. Why? Im still trying to figure that one out but anyway she walked off and then they left the park and went home. The next day she found out that the red button she pressed drained the whole ride and people were on it while the water got sucked out of the ride! How scary would that be if you were on it!! No one knows that it was her who did it!! haha i laughed for days when she told me...Well i give this a 7 just because i dont like water rides. You still need to ride Raging Rapids when you visit Holiday World.
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