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 Review of Speed: The Ride @ Sahara Hotel Casino, The
0 Rating Posted by: BigJohnWC on 3/11/2004 4:21:00 PM
Well, Ill say this was the most dissapointing ride I had in Vegas. The reviews here gave it such high regards that I figured it had to be mroe than it looked, unfortunately it was less. The launch was ok, at best, not nearly as breathtaking as I wouldve hoped (Ill stick with the Intamin Impulse coasters for best LIM launch). And the ride itself is just rather basic ... turn, dip, loop, turn, spike, repeat backwards. You dont ascend the spike nearly high enough (not even enough to give the "illusion" that youre about to run out of track as SFKKs GREEZED LIGHTIN and CPs WICKED TWISTER do nicely). The worst part of this coaster is the train/restraints themselves. Havent we learned, lapbars on LIM coasters is the way to go? Couple good rams of my head/neck into the restraints and I was left more than a little dazed (and not in a fun way). This coaster, like most coasters in Vegas, gets hurt severely by the cost too ... $10 per ride or $15 for an all day pass is ALOT to ask for this ride, and it makes one expect quite a bit of value for their dollar. Value which SPEED just did not deliver.

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CKingLV on 4/23/2004 12:52:37 AM said:
Well you got to Admit for Restraints they are quite comfy, and yeah its a shuttle coaster is short, but the price has recently gone down.
Swimace on 4/24/2004 7:17:16 PM said:
Every launched premier coaster has gotten better since the lapbars, they should definatly put them on this
Pete C on 5/31/2004 1:23:05 PM said:
It sounds like you did not ride the front seat. Anywhere else on a launched coaster sucks because they put the seat backs high enough to protect your head from whiplash. You cant see the track or feel the wind in your face. Also, the LIM launches on Impulse coasters are definitely not as powerful. I totally disagree with you there.
BigJohnWC on 6/28/2004 3:50:55 PM said:
Actually, I DID in fact take a front seat ride. In fact, total for that coaster that day were two back seats, 2 front seats, and 4 other rides in assorted middle seats. The wind in your face was nice/there, but it was far short of "spectacular." The front seat launches on WICKED TWISTER (an LIM impulse) as well as SUPERMAN: UE are much more impactful in their shear feeling of insanity and freedom. A good reason for this might be their inverted nature, letting the winds pound more of the body. This sensation is a no-go on SPEED and made even worse by the horrid restraints. In an age of Intamin Impulse coasters, S&S air launches, and the rocket coasters of Intamin (most notably DRAGSTER), this LIM is feeling the pinch of being barely an average steal coaster. In fact, Id rank it right up there with a boomerang coaster for creativity, longevity, and re-ridability.
kowrip on 7/16/2004 11:34:32 AM said:
Im surprised that this ride hasnt been changed to lapbars. Afterall, theres only 1 regular loop on this track, no fancy inversions of any kind. B&R: The Chiller does a cobra roll and barrel rolls and they have THAT ride changed to lapbars ! It makes no sense to keep this ride equipped with the OTSRs.
BigJohnWC on 7/16/2004 1:37:36 PM said:
It does when you consider that this ride, Id imagine, even though its open year round doesnt do the people that B&R The Chiller or any other PARK coaster does. This is an added dollar attraction for the hotel/restaurant/casino ... not the soul source of income. Granted, it might boost ridership with better restraints, its probably not worth the investment. Especially considering Vegas is going away from "family entertainment" and drifting back to being "Sin City."
tacoking on 7/17/2004 5:21:33 PM said:
Well, good review even though I dont agree with it. I thought the ride was great.
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