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 Review of Titan @ Six Flags Over Texas
-11 Rating Posted by: condorman on 1/21/2003 6:07:00 PM
Good golly miss molly, this ride is a headache machine. Apart from excessive spinning and too many loops, this theme-starved ride was only created to fill the Texans egos. I guess instead of torturing us with country music, they now build giant awkward roller coasters to twist our spines and repel theme park lovers with massive head trama.

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Shortcake on 1/22/2003 12:20:30 PM said:
loops? I havent actually been on this coaster, but I didnt think it had loops. Did you mean something else?
condorman on 1/28/2003 11:32:11 PM said:
actaully i mean the helix, it kinda "loops vertically", lol, my fault tho, sorry shortcake
Shortcake on 3/2/2003 3:03:13 PM said:
I was hoping that was what you meant. I just had to double check. Thanks for responding.
LooneyToon on 6/23/2003 4:27:02 PM said:
Dont hate on Texans with your dumb stereotypes.
LAloop on 7/15/2003 11:35:00 PM said:
Fill egos? Thats a new one.
Cameraman on 8/17/2003 8:35:04 PM said:
This is a funny review...
rednk on 8/17/2003 8:56:28 PM said:
...not to mention bogus.
jphoppe on 12/27/2003 4:54:45 PM said:
Isnt this ride painfully similar to Goliath at Six Flags Magic Mntn in LA?
rct247 on 7/25/2005 1:15:09 AM said:
one word discribes this review..."igmo"
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