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Author Six Flags New Orleans (6/12/04)
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6/15/2004 12:56:00 PM
Yesterday I got back from a wonderful 5-day trip to New Orleans, which is an amazing city. On Saturday our group went to Six Flags New Orleans, which was my first true Six Flags park (Great Escape is just a territory). It was a scorching day at the park, but luckily there are many shade strucutres. We got to the park about ten minutes before opening. The national anthem played, and we entered. The main street area of the park right outside the front gate was first, and it's a beautiful area with some very nice buildings. Next we hit Gator Bait, which was our first ride of the day and a nice way to get things going. Ozarka Splash was open so we got in line. We waved to a few of our friends on a boat as it approaced the lift hill and stopped. While the ride was being fixed we headed over to Laffite's Pirate Ship, which had just opened open. This is the best pirate ship I've ever been on to date!!! After that, we noticed that Ozarka Splash was running again, so we caught a ride and got SOAKED! That little flume is pretty wild lol! We then hit our first coaster of the day: Muskrat Scrambler. The wait was about 10 min., and it was an nice mouse, but nothing too special. We then hit Zydeco Scream, which is the smoothest boomerang I've ridden. We headed into DC Comics, and the first thing that caught my eye was the Justice League of America Fountain, which I thought I was a very nice touch to the park. We hit Catwoman's Whip next, which had a 10 min. wait just do to the fact that the loading took forever. The ride was fun and unique and like a Chaos on the ground. Next we went over to Batman: The Ride. The queue for the line is GIGANITC and took awhile to walk through. I opted for the second to last row, which was a walk-on. The ride was very fun and intense, but I found it too be short. After BTR we went to lunch at a place next to Muskrat Scrambler using our meal coupons. After lunch we went to ride BTR in the front seat. While waiting, the ride broke down due to a seat malfunction, and it took the ride ops about ten minutes to finally rope off the seat. The front seat was very good, but I still found the ride to be too short. Next was Lex Luther's Invertaron, which taught me that I don't like being held upside down. That ride is the scariest ride that I've ever been on, and I screamed like a girl!! We then hit the Big Easy ferris wheel where I got some good photos and then rested for a bit. Next, we hit Mega Zeph. We rode somewhere around the third row, which was a walk-on. What an outstanding ride! The whole ride was fast, rough, intense, and full of airtime. I was very impressed with the ride, and I wanted to get back on, but it was a very hot day so we hit Jocco's Madri Gras Madness. The ride broke down while we were in line making for a thirty minute wait, the longest of the day. While waiting in line, I could not help but notice the most terrifying attraction in the park. Right next to the ride was a little canopy with a stage, which was occupying five guys trying to be a boy band. YIKES! We finally got on the ride, which was a wonderful dark ride, but sadly I omly scored a 750 lol. We headed back to Dizzy Lizzy, which was a big letdown, and then took a rest. The heat was becoming unbearable at this point, and we just wanted to leave. We couldn't though, so we took a front seat ride on Mega Zeph, and I got my on-ride photo. We then headed back to Jester. The line had really died down (unlike Mega Zeph, which was now a 15 minute wait), and it was a one lap wait. The ride was quite smooth, but extremely boring, and it's no wonder why this is the only coaster like it in the world. It needs themeing!!! After that we headed back to front of the park and saw American Rock, which was an ok show. We lastly hit Laffite's Pirate Ship again, which was the last ride of the day before heading back to the hotel.

All I had a good day. Six Flags New Orleans is a great park, but good do with some more themeing and an original steel coast
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6/15/2004 2:20:00 PM
I'm glad you had fun. It was a fairly good move to hit everything early in the morning because lines really get backed up by time 1 PM rolls around. However, it's ashame you didn't go at night. The temperature dies down, the concert draws a ton of people out of the lines, and Mega Zeph and Batman are both absolutely spectacular at night! Not to mention the whole park is very nice looking at night.
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6/15/2004 3:12:00 PM
Nice TR, glad you have fun. But SF needs to improve the quality of their coasters/staff.
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